Crochet Amigurumi Jellyfish Keychain (SUPER FAST) Quick Easy Crochet Project

Hi everybody welcome to my channel. Today I’m going to be showing you how to make this super cute and super tiny
little jellyfish keyring. Now these guys are very fast to make from start to
finish you’re looking at about 20-25 minutes to the full completed jellies so
they are awesome if you are a last-minute gift giving or looking for
little pocket money makes for your craft fair. If this is your first visit to my
channel it would be amazing if you took a moment to just hit that subscribe
button and the bell notification so you don’t miss out on any of my future
videos. Now I showed this little chap on my social media and my daughter asked me
to make her a mustard color jellyfish backpacker keyring and he kind of
exploded and everybody wanted to know how to make him. He’s a miniature version
of my big chunky rainbow jelly which I will link to in the description box
below but so many of you asked for the pattern for this little chap so let’s
jump straight in to what you’re going to need. Ok materials you’re going to need
to make your little tiny jellyfish keyring friend; you’re gonna need some
keyring blanks now you can pick these up dirt cheap from Amazon eBay any sort of
place like that you can just pick up an absolute ton of them for not very much
money at all, you’re gonna need some 6 millimeter safety eyes, a large eye needle
now ideally you want a large eye needle that will pass through the chain-link,
you’re going to need a tiny scrap of black for the little tiny mouth, pair of
scissors, a 3 millimeter crochet hook or hook appropriate for your choice of
yarn (go down a hook size from what is recommended on the ball band) you’re
gonna need some stuffing and the yarn. I personally am using is Lolli by Debbie
bliss now I believe this yarn has been long since discontinued I stocked up on
this a couple of years ago now when I saw that you know they were
announcement that Debbie bless is no longer going to be selling yarn so I
have no idea if you can still get this anymore I stocked up in a whole host of
colors of it as you can see but you can use any yarn that you so wish. So without
any further ado let’s begin. Okay to start you want to leave yourself a long
tail now that’s about sort of ten twelve inches of yarn so you want to
have that as excess and then we’re going to start with a magic ring. Now if you
don’t know how to do a magic ring i do have a video on how to do just that
little card will have popped up or there’ll be links in the description box
below. Its into your magic ring we’re going to place 6 single crochet then you’re going to pull your magic
ring tight now normally this tail would be on the inside of your work but we
want it on the outside to bring that tail to the front of your work and for
the next round we’re going to do an increase. So into this very first single
crochet of round one we are going to place 2 single crochet and then you’re going
to place 2 single crochet into the 5 remaining stitches of the round so
at the end of round two you will have 12 single crochet so you’ll have 12 single crochet and the
tail from your magic ring will be poking out the front of your work. For round
three, start with a single crochet in your first stitch then an increase in
your next now an increase is 2 single crochet in the same stitch. Now you’re
going to repeat this 5 more times around; single crochet, increase. Single
crochet, increase, single crochet, increase all the way around and at the end of
round three you’ll have 18 stitches. So you’ll have 18 stitches for round 3 and
now for Round 4. We’re going to place a single crochet into the first stitch,
single crochet into that next stitch, then increase in that third stitch and
you’re going to repeat that all the way around so; single crochet, single crochet,
increase. Single, single, increase all the way around and at the end of this round
you’ll have 24 stitches. Okay once you have your 24 stitches, pull
up a loop and grab a stitch marker or your scrap of black yarn whatever you
have to hand (she says looking for a stitch marker) hey found one! Pop it in that
loop so it won’t come off because we’re just going to take a
moment to attach the keyring blank before we go too much further.
So grab your keyring blank and your large eye needle and take your tail from
your magic circle and you’re going to pass it through the chain-link or, if
you’ve just got a normal circle without this little fancy bit on the end, just
through there so you’ve threaded it on and we’re going to take this and we’re
going to pop it through the center of that magic circle then you want to pop
up by another stitch on your first round and pass it through that center bit and
then out by another stitch. So I came up here and I’m going back in over here you’re free to run the thread through as
many times as you like I find that with this yarn it’s quite a sort of stretchy
firm yarn that a couple of passes is fine. So on the underside of the work I’m
just going to pick up a loop of a stitch any one and I’m just going to make a
couple of knots just to secure that down on that side then once you’re happy pass
this back up through any of the little stitches on that first round so it’s
back on the outside of your work again. So you secured this to your work and
you’ve brought that tail back to the outside, you can pop your loop back on
your hook and now for rounds five, six seven and eight you are just going to
put one single crochet in each stitch all the way around (so 24 single crochet)
I want four rows of 24 single crochet stitches – so just one single crochet in
each four rounds Alright so your little fella should be
looking something like this by the end of round eight (so you’ve just done four
rounds of just 24 stitches in each now) For round nine we’re going to be working
into the back loop only so if you look at your stitch, normally you place your
hook under both loops but for this one we’re going into the back loop only so your’e
just picking up that very back loop. So for round nine you’re going to do 24
stitches just as you have been doing but in the back loop only so just picking up
that back loop. Okay so you’ve got this little ridge line
running along, lift a loop up pop in a stitch marker or
anything like that just stop that loop from disappearing. Now where this little
ridge meets this is the back of your jellyfish so you want to flip him around
so you have the front of him facing you so that loop will be at the back now
we’re going to add his little eyes and embroider his mouth.
So grab your six millimeter safety eyes so you’re going to place your eyes this
is the ridge line of that row that we just did you’re going to place them in
this row just one up from there so pop an eye in on one side then you are going
to count see these Center holes of your stitches you want 4 of those in the
middle so one, two, three, four and then you’re going to pop the eye in to the
next one – hopefully if I stretch it out a little bit you can see one, two, three,
four – so you’ve got the spacing then you can go ahead and pop the backs on now
for these six mil eyes backs are tricky and annoying they’re quite hard to push
on weirdly so you want to push them till they click. So you’ve got the little eyes
sitting on this row above the one you have just done
then grab your scrap of black and your large eye needle – oh mine is still attached to
the tail! Now with regards to how you want the mouth to look it is totally up
to you I have a couple of different types this white one has a slightly
larger mouth than this little yellow one for instance so it’s totally up to you
how wide you want the little smile to be but you want it in line on the same row
as your eyes so bring up your or here leave some black hanging out the
back pop it in a stitch or two further over make that and then you want to
bring your needle in the middle just above (oops sorry) just above those
front loops of the row you’ve just done so you want to come back up through that
point come underneath the loop of the smile and go back into the exact same
place then you want to secure it all down make sure you’re happy with his
little smile here we go there’s a little bit wonky but that’ll do! Then you want
to knot it on the inside, trim those yarn ends – so he has got a little face, he’s
got his little eyes – pop your loop back on your hook now for this round we’re
going to be going back under both loops so normal crocheting for this round.
We’re going to place a single crochet in the first stitch, single crochet in the
next stitch and then we’re going to do an invisible decrease over the next two
stitches. Now in a visible decrease is you pick up the front loop of the first
stitch and the front loop of the second stitch and do your single crochet
through both – so I’ll show you again – I’m going to do a single crochet, single
crochet then invisible decrease (oops) so do that all the way around and
by the end of this round you’ll have 18 stitches. Aright for the next round
you’re going to do single crochet, invisible decrease. Single crochet,
invisible decrease, single crochet, invisible decrease all the way around
and you’ll have 12 stitches remaining or in total sorry okay so that’s my twelfth stitch pull up
a loop pop your stitch marker back on just to stop that loop from dropping off
and grab your stuffing. Now you don’t need very much at all for this little
chap he’s tiny now when you stuff this little guy you
want to try and keep the bottom from this ridge if you took it up you can see
it’s flat so you want to only really stuff the dome of his head so just with
a tiny little bit of stuffing pop it in and you just really want to be shaping
the dome of his head he’s only diddy! So you don’t need to go too mad, you
don’t want to stretch your stitches because he’s only a little key ring
after all. Just give him a little gentle shape make sure where his eyes are
they’re sitting in line there you go so you can see I’ve barely put any in him
that’s absolutely fine because I want the bottom to be as flat as possible. So
for the final round you’re going to do an invisible decrease 6 times so
you’ll end with 6 stitches okay so that was your final crochet
stitch for your jellyfish so cut yourself again
a nice long tail because you’re going to need this for sewing and to be part of
the tendrils. So trim that off so you can see – if you just then pull your hook out –
I’ve got a nice long tail for this section and I’ve got a nice long tail
coming out the top of his head so you’re just going to leave him like that for a
moment and we’re going to make a couple of little simple tendrils. So with the
yarn color that you’ve been using for the body of your jellyfish, pop a slip knot
on your hook and chain 45. Once you’ve got 45, leave yourself a long
end (we’ll trim all these up afterwards) pull that loop through, pull it tight and
then repeat that one more time with a new piece of yarn for the second tendril. So chain 45. Okay so you’ve got your
two chain lengths of 45 and your jelly over here now it’s for some really quick
simple assembly so grab your large eye needle and one of your tendrils and
thread an end onto your needle. Now I find this a bit easier to do before we
sew up this base because it’s less likely to get caught in the stuffing – so
you can sort of pull it up slightly – it’s going to pop in between one of your
stitches on one side and come out on the other side you’re going to pull that
chain. Now it’s gonna have a bit of resistance, you’re probably gonna bring
some stuffing through – don’t worry – pull that through to about the halfway mark.
If stuffing comes through with it, pull it back the other way and that stuffing
will disappear back into the body. So that’s two tendrils in place and then
with your second we’re going to go across in the opposite direction so
we’ve just attached these this way so now we’re going to attach the second
that way I’m gonna get pull it through if it
brings stuffing don’t worry pull it back the other way. Now they don’t have to be
even lengths, if they’re uneven it’s a bit better – so now those are roughly in
place grab the yarn end from your crochet body – I’m aware there’s a lot of
yarn ends going on so hope you’ll keep it up with what’s being sewn where – now
you’re going to run your needle around the outside of these six single crochet
stitches you did of the very last round so I’m just running it through the
outside loops of those stitches to cinch up that center hole so if you pull it
tight they’re all close together now to help with the shaping so you can see
sort of ball-shaped at the moment pop your hook in the center those stitches
and bring it right up and out by the top of his head now ideally you want to be
coming out in between some stitches like here. So I’m pulling this through and I’m
pulling it and as I pull it up it’s going to bring his little body into more
of a sort of jellyfish shape I’m going to put my thumb there for a second and then if you want to do another secured
through your chain up the top here you can but you don’t have to absolutely
just totally optional at this point then you want to come back down through that
same stitch and pop out anywhere underneath him. Now when you’re pulling
this stitch down, try not to pull it too tightly because you don’t want to misshape his head, we just want it to hold the center section up a tiny bit once
you’re happy do a little tiny tiny knot just around one of the stitches just to
hold that in place I might do a second little knot there
actually whilst I’m here – better safe than sorry – then we can just take your needle
off then with this long tail that is coming from his head thread this one up
and this is the tail we’re going to use to secure his tendrils in place so they
can’t be pulled out. So you’re going to bring this one down and out at the
bottom just like before – be careful when you’re pulling it down because you don’t
want to pull his head wildly out of shape – you just want a little loose
that’s hidden in there and now what you’re going to do is – hopefully you can
see what I’m doing – so this is my one here you’re going to catch a bottom
chain of each one of these tendrils just so – because obviously if you pull this
it’s going to come straight out so we just need to secure them all with a
stitch – so I’m going to just disappear in here and come up by one of my tendrils
over here and I’m going to put my needle just
through one of those chains so I’m just going straight through the center of
that tendril and back into that stitch and I’m going to do the same on this one
so I’m coming up and I’m catching it so that’s that one secured that one secured
come up over by this one so you can see now that’s not going to come out because
we’ve just popped a stitch in so again come out by the last one over here and
then bring that up through these Center now if you want to be super secure you
can knot this one and then it’s just a case of lay him down and trim his
tendrils however long or short you want them to be so you can just shape them I like mine to be it sort of angle like
that and you’re done! See that was super quick even with me talking you through
every single step so after a while when you get into the rhythm or you get into
little factory production of these chaps like I said in the intro 20 / 25 minutes
and you’ll be churning these little fellas out. So it would be amazing if you
would share this video with somebody else who you think may enjoy making this
little keyring jellyfish friends! As always I love receiving comments so let
me know what you think of these little chaps down in the comment section below
and I hope you enjoy crocheting your little jelly key rings so until next
time – byeeeee!

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