Crochet 7 Point Star – Radiating Blanket

32 thoughts on “Crochet 7 Point Star – Radiating Blanket

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  • Oh yeah! This pattern caught my eye a couple of months ago on Yarnspirations and I made a mental note (which I promptly forgot) to make it after the holidays. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Love, love, love this! Needed a unique pattern for a baby blanket and wouldn't you know it?…..there you are! Thank you๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

  • Love this! Thank you for the video! I want to make one now. Adding it to my bottomless to-do list. Happy New Year! ๐Ÿ˜Šโค

  • Well explained tutorial as always, thank you. Very nice looking pattern and whatโ€™s more is that it is done with regular #4 weight yarn and NOT extra chunky or bulky yarns! I donโ€™t buy them because, for a big project theyโ€™re not very affordable! Thanking you, again. Wishing you and The Crochet Crowd a very Blessed & Happy 2019 New Year! โค๏ธ๐Ÿ™

  • Another knockout pattern that really makes a statement! Thank you Mikey for choosing patterns that will make beautiful, timeless pieces. Please continue to make tutorials that are sophisticated and on the intermediate to difficult level, as those are the patterns that we need your help and guidance.

  • I love your tutorials and often turn them on even when I'm crocheting a different project. It's not just "background noise," it's a familiar voice. Kinda like having a friend chattering while I'm working.

  • I only have 1 question: if you go to 30 inches how many rounds is that? Thanks Michael for doing great videos. Between your videos and the patterns I am learning how to read patterns better.

  • Round 5 in the written pattern says โ€œSc3togโ€ which, according to your instructions, should say โ€œDc3tog.โ€ That seems more logical, so itโ€™s likely a typo.

  • For the popcorns, the stitch key in the written instructions says to โ€œch 1 to secure popcorn.โ€ I noticed that youโ€™re not doing that in the tutorial. Will it make much difference whether the ch 1 is or isnโ€™t done after each popcorn?

  • Really upset I followed this pattern and it just will not lay flat at all. I worked 37 rounds and itโ€™s so wavy so itโ€™s hard to get a good picture the way itโ€™s shown. Love all the patterns and this was such an easy one to follow. Crochet crowd is always my go-to for fun patterns!

  • Very cool. Iโ€™ve tried it twice and itโ€™s not laying as flat as Iโ€™d like. I wish I could see a pic of it flat before & after he teaches. Also, a slower better look at the project would help me. Thanks for all you do. Trying to give positive constructive criticism.

  • Do I fasten off popcorn stitch with a chain? I dont see you doing it in the video but it says to in the pattern. help! i love TCC!

  • I give a talk to my hook & yarn when they show out like they are for you.
    I tell them to play nice ๐Ÿ˜€

    I love watching your tutorials. Your so calm & explain everything.

  • I just started this blanket. I have gotten 7 rounds done so far. I am using red heart yarn. The points are not really starting to show yet. Do I need to do more rounds to get the points to really start to show or am I doing something wrong? Also when it gets to the size I want, can I put a couple rounds of single crochet around the edge for a border or would that look weird? Thank you for the great pattern and easy to follow video. I love watching your videos. I watch them even when I am not crocheting just to learn more. Keep up the great videos. UPDATE: I got 11 rounds done and the blanket is still not laying flat. I have frogged it several times. I have gotten to the 11 round each time and it is still not flat/ I have tried several different size hooks and still not helping. Will it get flatter as I go or so I frog it again and start over?

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