Crochet 4 Treble Popcorn Stitch – 4 tr popcorn st

I’m going to show you how to do a popcorn using trebles and using four stitches into the same stitch. So we’re just gonna just jump over here and we’re going to do four trebles into the same one. So let’s just count those it together. So 1, 2, 3, and 4. So you’re gonna finish your floor trebles as normal, but here’s where the difference is. You’re gonna drop the hook from the loop and you’re gonna come to the beginning one of the grouping of four and come from the front to the back and then pick up the loop and then pull it through and you can see that makes it pop towards you. So if you ever wanted to do it again You know the pattern probably tell you that is that you need to put in four more trebles into the next stitch that it tells you where it’s gonna go. Just watch your patterns for that and then once you get your four in you can do the same things to drop the loop coming to the first one to the grouping of four, go towards the back and then pick up the loop and go and push and pull it forward. So that makes the popping pop towards you. Now if it ever said to go to the WS popcorn, wrong side popcorn instead of going through the front to the back you would go on the first stitch from the back to the front and then you just grab the loop and pull towards the back and see the difference. This one’s popping towards you this one’s popping away from you. So how you grab that is a difference of which side the pop will be on. So this is using treble crochet using four stitches into one for a popcorn.

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