Crochet 4 Double Crochet Popcorn – 4 dc popcorn

In this stitch I’m going to show you how to do the popcorn using four double crochets into the same stitch. So let’s just go right here. So to do the popcorn you, it would tell you how many that you would need to put in there so I’m gonna say it’s four for this particular tutorial and we’re gonna double crochet four times as usual. So it kinda looks like a shell in the end the definitions of crochet. To do the popcorn you’re gonna drop and you’re going to come to the top one of the first one right there and grab the loop and pull through and then you’re done. So let me show you again. I’m gonna just jump over here. Four double crochets in the same one. Now we have other ones in this series that have less and smaller so the more that you put into a stitch the more pop that will do. But if you put way too many then it will also warp your project so you gotta watch that. You drop the loop, come to the beginning one and then you pick up the loop and pull forward. Now that is considered a right side popcorn. So if it ever told you to do a wrong side popcorn what you would need to do instead of going from the front to the back you go from the back of the first one to the front, you grab the loop, pull for or pull it towards the back. So you see it changed the direction of which those are popping. So now this is popped towards the back. This one’s here in the front. So watch those patterns, so it’s always assumed as a right side popcorn unless it tells you wrong side popcorn in the pattern. 🧶

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