OH I DID IT I DID A 360 YES PLEASE (Softer) Please Please Im Almost There! GRAPPLE (Like An Apple :^) ) HEY WHATS UP GUYS WELCOME TO CLUSTER TRUCK’ SO GUYS This is (SUBSTILER GUYS:THIS IS TO HARD IM DONE GOODBYE) hey everybody if you need to see more of pungences videos of clustertruck search on youtube pungence clustertruck if you want to get clustertruck you can get it on steam in the description in clustertruck you play as a guy who jump on trucks and go to reach the goal you can also sometimes grab on to the egde of things sorry that pungence keep faling this game is also a little bit hard to complete you can unlock abilities to help you to win better and have more control holy crap you can get super high sometimes you can bounce off walls and get high air blast i think i getting better at this game and this is getting difficult you can also stay on the trucks to the end and some of the stages there are obstacles in the way to keep you from the goal yes i beat it level 10 this is the last desert level we can the grappling hook they counting that ok unlock grappling hook uh left mouse to grapple this blasted log we did it the black meter need to be full to use the hook again when we get past the log they separate we got a good stragity subscribe to me and pungence and like pungence and subscribe to him to see more videos

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