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In today’s tutorial let’s convert this ball into a snow-capped ornament and we’re gonna do that next. Welcome back to The Crochet Crowd as well as I’m your host Mikey. Today we’re gonna make snow-capped ornaments using existing balls just like so. These are ornamental and what we’re gonna do is that we’re going to apply snow to the top of this this is more of a craft than it is crochet or knitting. So this is a great winter time project maybe it’s a snow day or even a rainy day for kids to enjoy. Today’s tutorial will take you to start to finish on how to do this and you realize how quick that it really is. So in today’s tutorial gonna need the following in order to play. You need a mini paint brush to apply glue, you’re gonna need scissors, you’re gonna need just an old plate that you can put some glue on it, you’re gonna need some Bernat Pipsqueak yarn this stimulates the snow that’s on top of the ball and you’re gonna need some craft glue, you’re gonna need an ornamental ball just like so and you’re gonna need a way for you to stabilize your ball to prevent it rolling away as you’re working on it, so that’s what we’re gonna need. Let’s begin. So let’s begin and we’re gonna remove the top of the ball and if it’s just wire it can be a glass ball or plastic all depends on your lifestyle and you can just safely just carefully pull it out and you’re gonna leave that off and to the side. You’re now gonna take your craft glue and you’re going to squirt out a little bit on the plate and you’re gonna use that to be able to glue around the ball you don’t need a lot of glue. Stabilizing your ball, what you wanna do is dip your paintbrush into the glue like so and what you wanna do is apply the glue into the area of the ball that you wish to have the snow. So you’re just gonna glue around and this will dry clear and so you’re just gonna go everywhere that you would like to go in order to do it. So you saw the photograph, you can see that they applied the glue about halfway down and that’s a personal choice so if you want more up to the top then just stay to the top. Everywhere you’re applying glue you’re going to be applying the yarn to just turn the project as you need it to access to go around try not to let any drips go down the side and don’t apply any glue to the end top of this as well because you want to be able to get that back onto place. So you’re gonna wanna work with this right away as soon as you got the glue applied so just look at it and see if you’ve got everywhere you need to go by just turning it around and now we’re gonna apply the snow. So using the Bernat Pipsqueak yarn you can see that it looks like snow. I want you to start off in the bottom of the ball and just press it onto where the glue appears. Try not getting any of this glue onto your hands so that if you touch an area that doesn’t have glue that you won’t have to worry about that and I want you just to carefully rotate it and apply the yarn as you go. You wanna take extra precaution right downward it starts to appear and then you can get a little more relaxed as you move your way up. So just supporting the yarn and rotating it at the same time. Once you get all the way around just move up slightly and just start layering in complete circles. It might be easier just to hold your ball and rotate it in your hands if you’re a kid you may want to have support and just take your time just lightly pressing where you want to appear. The goal is here is to kind of get it so that you cannot see the strands. So you can be a little bit loose with it. Okay, once you’re satisfied with going all the way around you just have to trim your work. Just trim the yarn that you’ve been playing with so it comes out and then just position and just go back through your ball here just lightly tap down all the way around. Look for any glue that maybe below the line where the snow is so that you can cover that and once you’re satisfied all you just need to do now is just hang, or put this back onto the holder and then you can just safely let it dry. So once that it’s completely drive I want you to put the top back in. Just carefully do it. This one’s glass so I wanna take my time and just put this back in and having the top suck back down in into the ornament just like that and then you can just ruff it up in order to get it to look like snow. So because of the studio bright lighting here you can see a lot of the the lines but as soon as I get out of this bright lighting and put it onto tree you’ll see that it blends in really quite nicely and you have a great ornament that is no topped and ready to go. Until next time I’m Mikey on behalf of Yarnspiration as well as The Crochet Have a great day. We’ll see you again real soon. Bye, bye.

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