Come Lavorare a Maglia con le Dita (sub. english y español)

Hi everyone, in today’s tutorial we learn to knit these tubulars, and we’ll do it with our fingers It is a simple and fun technique to weave these tubes it is also perfect for playing with children and introducing them to knitting you need: the yarn you prefer and your fingers watch the tutorial to understand the technique, I will write only what is needed we have a thread in every finger let’s do another round with the yarn doing so we have 2 threads in each finger to make a stitch take the thread that is at the bottom and let it pass behind the finger like this way we repeat for all the fingers so we have 1 thread in each finger again we push the stitches a little down pull lightly on the yarn of the ball and we weave another round we have 2 threads in each finger again and we weave the stitches we push the stitches down and repeat just repeat this procedure every time we do this, we weave 1 row of stitches we repeat until we reach the desired length of the work I work a few rows and show you the result after weaving a few rows this is the result this is the line of stitches we made with the pinky and this is the line of stitches of index finger in the back there are the other 2 lines of stitches these stitches are far away because the index and the pinky are far away but pulling the work the stitches come closer and the tubular becomes perfect suppose you have reached the desired length let’s see how to weave the final row so we closed the stitches cut the yarn widen the last stitch and we pass the yarn tail on the loop in this way we tie the end of the work is complete we also pull the tail of the initial yarn to knot so the tubular is complete this is the result these stitches will be bigger if the fingers that weave them will be bigger our fingers are knitting needles, so the bigger the fingers are, the bigger the stitches for example, if this tube is made by a child the stitches are smaller the size of the stitches also depends on the thickness of the yarn for example I used a bulky yarn so the tubular is full and compact but we can use any type of yarn if we used a thin yarn or a cotton we get a tubular with many holes, similar to a net and we could use it to make necklaces, for example made with bulky wool instead, we can use it to make nice scarves or we can use it whenever we need a knitted tubular this is another technique for weaving a tube I also did the tutorial to weave a tubular with a crochet with crochet and thin cotton yarn we can also obtain much thinner tubes if you don’t know the technique to weave the crochet icord find the link of the tutorial in the information box and in the upper right corner I told you everything you needed to know about this technique it’s a simple and fun technique I hope the tutorial is useful to you we will use this technique in the future I already have a project in my mind if you liked the video give me your like share it and subscribe to my channel if you like what I do thank you very much for choosing to watch this tutorial see you next Monday in a new tutorial and in the meantime I send you a big hug and a kiss CIAO!!!

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