Collectible Hallmark Ornaments : Hallmark Ornament Boxes

The boxes that the Hallmark ornaments come
into are just as valuable as the ornaments, themselves. If you want to have a collectible
mint condition ornament, and it’s box, the box has to be totally perfect. It can’t have
any wear on the edges. I know that some places, you get some shelf wear. And the price tag
on the side can not be removed. If that price tag is removed, the value of your ornament
will go down. Now if you don’t want to hurt your box, and you want to save it, store your
ornaments in another place. Open up your box on both ends, gently, and you can fold them
up like this and store them in a container, and you never have to worry about the boxes
getting dirty or the corners getting stuffed up or the price tag getting ruined.

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