Collectible Christmas Tree Ornaments : Tips for Collecting Historical Christmas Ornaments

And here we go into 1920s she is very collectible
with the glass eyes, expensive and usually you have a little problem with condition cause
the eyes get lost or the wear of oxidation the ornament happens. Here is one of the earlier
ornaments that I have in the turn of the century and this is very hard to see but it is called
the popcorn head and it has lots of popcorn around. He got big red eyes but the paint
condition is not very good but this is an early ornament, this is very expensive in
the $300 range so collecting these are a little prohibited unless you have a endless amount
of money that you want to spend but a very fun thing to collect. These figural ornaments
tend to be expensive and by figural I mean shapes like this and when I talk about indent
I mean indent are free forms that they made that where shape like this. All different,
all different colors and you would find a variety of these out there some of them are
more expensive than others and this happens to be an earlier one. So that is something
to consider when you are looking to make choices about what you do collect.

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