(upbeat music) (nail clippers clicking) – [Dr. Carter] All right. Everything been going okay? – [Male Patient] Yeah. – [Dr. Carter] Good. – [Male Patient] I’m gettin’ older. – [Dr. Carter] You know,
it happens for sure. Your nails are not too terrible this time, just those big ones. (nail clippers clicking) It’s been a while since
they’ve been clipped, huh? I feel like it has. – [Male Patient] You was
the last one done it, last time here. – [Dr. Carter] Gosh,
I sure did a good job. – [Male Patient] (mumbles) Okay, one foot down. It’s really a good example
of an ingrown toenail how it kind of curves around
and can pinch into the skin. We probably wouldn’t have
noticed it if it wasn’t as long and then it really starts
to poke into the skin and cause little areas of proud flesh. (nail clippers clicking) We’re going to turn Tara
into a Videographer. I love getting these off in one big chunk. And then I throw it on the floor (chuckle) – [Woman] I’m saying you
missed the throw (mumble) – [Dr. Carter] (chuckles) I don’t want to cut
that piece of tissue off because I’m afraid it’ll bleed. It should resorb and kind of
come back down on it’s own, okay? (clunking) Perfect! They look good my dear.


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