Christmas Truck Ornament – How To Make DIY Video Tutorial

Recycled plastic lid. Measures 4.5 inches across. Cut square paper from card stock. Cut big enough to fit over lid. You will need two of these. Trim square into a circle going all the way around the lid. You will need two circles. Cut out picture of truck. Color the truck red. Spread glue on paper circle. Place glue side down into lid. Press it down. Paint the paper and the rim of the lid on the inside. Let dry, Spread glue on back side of truck. Place inside lid and press. Let dry. Dab glue on bottom inside the lid. Sprinkle snow glitter on top of glue. Let dry. Cut greenery from floral piece. You will need two small pieces. Glue back side of greenery and place in truck. Press and let dry. Spread glue around truck. Sprinkle snow glitter. Sprinkle diamond dust Let dry. Put glue on back of Merry Christmas confetti and place in lid. Press and let dry. Cut circle piece of transparency film to cover ornament. Spread clear glue on top of rim Place transparent circle over glue on rim Press edges and let dry. Trim if necessary. At top center of ornament make a mark Turn over on back and right below your top mark – mark a line on the back. Using glue made for metal – glue on bail on mark on back. Press and let dry. Glue ribbon on side. Caution glue is hot!! Go all the way around the ribbon. Spread glue on back of ornament. Place paper circle on glue. Press and let dry. Spread glue on paper. Sprinkle glitter on top of glue. Let dry. Glue garland beads on side going all the way around the ornament. Let dry. Glue another string of garland beads on the back side rim. Let dry. Glue front of ornament with rope ribbon. Place it right below the beads. Let dry Cut 6 inches of red ribbon and string it through the bail. Tie in a knot Trim off excess.

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