Christmas Ornament Challege 2019 Announcement

Hi, Alan Stratton from As Wood Turns. (
It is that time again. It’s time for the Christmas Ornament Challenge
of 2019, our eighth (How many fingers is that.) Christmas Ornament Challenge. This year, Mike Peace will co-host this year’s
challenge. Mike, please tell us a little about yourself. I started turning about 12 years ago shortly
after I retired. I am a member of three different clubs, AAW
chapters in the Atlanta and North Georgia area. Not long after I started woodturning, I started
demonstrating, teaching, holding workshops. Kind of like, Alan, I have my own YouTube
woodturning channel. I appreciate Mike pitching in to serve as
co Host for this year’s Christmas Ornament Challenge. Over the years, we’ve opened the challenge. More and more, to more people to better celebrate
Christmas and our crafts. The challenge is open to all media. It could be anything from wood, to paper,
ceramic, or for that matter gourds. I particularly like multi-media and cross
media ornaments. Just take a still picture and upload that
in as your submission to this year’s contest. All judging will be based on the still picture
that you submit. If you feel compelled that it takes more pictures
to show your work, then dig out your photo editing software and combine those pictures
into one. We’ll only judge one picture for your ornament. Make your picture a good one. Pay attention to the background and maybe
keep the background as simple as possible. It is all about submitting a picture of your
best work. It is all about fun, celebrating Christmas,
and having a good time. Now, when you have your ornament completed,
take a still picture. But, if you really think you got to have multiple
views, take the pictures, and combine the pictures into one picture for submission. So any craft, any skill level, novice, intermediate,
advanced. If you’re a novice show us your best work. If you’re an intermediate skilled level, submit
your ornament, show off your best work. If you’re an expert show us your best work. How will we judge this year’s Christmas
Ornament Challenge? We will combine all the pictures into a video
and put that out to the viewers for them to select their favorites. After the tribe has spoken, Alan will put
together a final video showing the winners. So what do you do now, make your Christmas
ornament. Your ornament must be this season’s work. Not last year or before. Make your Christmas ornament and get it in
by November 30th. Then, tell us who you are by putting it in
the form that will be on the web page and tell us a little about yourself. Not that much, but a little bit. That will be on the web page The rest of the rules are on the web page. Again, any craft, any media, take a picture,
send it in, during the month of November. Thanks Alan for inviting me to co-host this
year’s 2019 Christmas Ornament Challenge. Let’s have some fun and celebrate Christmas. Here are some examples from last year. Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas. Let’s have some fun.

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