welcome to Wright ideas with Susan today
I’ve got a great christmas craft idea to show you as you can see i’m going to
teach you how to make gum nuts and turn them into these beautiful little sparkly
ornaments now kids love to do this you can do it with your kids at home you can
do it at school you can do it at church and you know what I have done this craft
at women’s conferences both here in Australia as well as all the way in
India so adults and kids both enjoy its craft now today first I’m going to show
you how to decorate them which is the fun part and then I’m going to show you
how to go gum nut hunting and then I’m going to show you how to prepare them
which takes a bit of time and it’s not as fun anyway let’s get started! ok this
is what you need a prepared gum nut some PVC glue some paintbrushes glitter and a
drying rack now when you’re decorating with young children two colors works
best first get them to paint the full nut with glue don’t glob it on too much
and then they sprinkle the color and that you let it dry for 20 minutes or 30
minutes and then come back and just get them to paint the bottom part of the
Gumnut sprinkle a different color and then let that dry overnight with older
kids and adults you can add more detail or color you can paint and glitter part
of it then let it dry come back and do another color and so on you can also
paint it fully let it dry and then paint on top of the layers like a heart design
or the star design and it’s always better to leave the light colors last so
start with the darker color on the bottom light color on top and to make it
even easier you can mark the nut with a pattern first the trick with doing these
designs is to make sure you have a lot of drying time in between the colors so
they don’t mixed up and also that you use a thin paint of glue and not glob it on
because it’ll take too long to dry now once you’ve finished it you can pop them in a little bag and give them as a gift or you can make a necklace out of them
we’ve often put them on the dinner table at Christmas time as a decoration and a
take home also you can put them on a wine bottle if you’re bringing a gift of
wine to someone’s house the other thing my daughter did is she made heaps
she sold them at the markets and she earned money as she wanted to do mission trip overseas for a summer and she did a lot of these for that so you can use it
as a fundraiser too. so there’s lots of ideas that you can use for these gum
nuts. well how do you go hunting for the nuts well first of all you going to be
come familiar with the type of tree and you’ll see them all around once you
start familiarizing yourself with them lorikeets love them they bloom and then
they form the nuts they tend to be along roadways and there’s a really large
University in Queensland and there’s a river road and it’s covered with
these trees but don’t tell them I told you because I can just envision people
there with clippers you know clipping all their guts and it might scare the
uni students but anyway they’re there if you’re interested in picking some there
so you collect them and then you need to put them in a warm dry spot for
a month or two and let all the seeds and stuff fall out of it because they need
to open up and you need to get rid of the stuff on the inside or if you’re in
a hurry put them in the hot Sun for a week or two then you need to take some
time and scrape out the stuff on the inside and you might need to do this a
couple of times over with each nut next you’ll need these materials for the bow
and hanging string. the bows are the most time-consuming of also get a bunch done
then take the string tie it around dob some hot glue on it add the bow wait a
minute and then tie the top then your nut is ready for decorating an extra
idea that can come out of this is an object lesson of course you can share
the parable of the sower and the seeds and because there’s so many seeds inside these nuts and you can turn this into an object lesson so there’s another idea
for you now I’m going to give you a couple of minutes of gum nut therapy it
really is like therapy when you’re decorating if you like this video please hit the
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watching and I could use a little help. I found these the other day when I went on
a walk and I wondered what can we do with these? so let me know if you’ve got
any ideas. I think there’s an idea here thanks again for watching!

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