Christmas Candle gel wax with ornaments

This is a number 6 bubble vase I got it at the craft store Insert your gel wax wick in a straw Add a piece of tacky wax to bottom metal piece of wick Put your wick in the vase Press it down and remove the straw Add ornaments The ornaments I have prefilled with wax and let cool off To fill one take the top off and dip into wax Use tongs and hold like this Put down into wax Let wax run into the hole Fill to the top of hole No air bubbles or it will float Put ornaments into vase Start with small ones first Leave an open area in the middle Do not put them against the wick Mix the colors up They might move you may have to readjust them Forgot to add the beads You can see the opening around the wick Adding 1 oz mulberry fragrance oil to wax Slowly Stir Do not heat wax over 200 degrees The wax is flammable Never leave hot wax or candle unattended Keep fire extinguisher close by Slowly pour wax into vase Leave an inch from the top Prop up the wick I used wooden sticks Let candle cool and set for 24 hours These candles make good gifts Thanks for watching Click like and subscribe to come back to TheQueensCraftshop!

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