Christmas Bell Ornament

Cut sticker out of sheet (Don’t peel it off) Apply glue to wooden square Spread the glue over it Place picture in the center of square on top of the glue and press down Sprinkle glue over the whole piece Let it dry (preferably overnight) Glue two opposite sides and sprinkle with glitter. Let dry. Then do the other two sides. Pour glue on backside and spread. Sprinkle glitter over it. Find the pre-drilled holes in the wood and use a toothpick or a small nail to push through the holes to knock out any glue or glitter. I used needle nose pliers at the end. Had to touch it up! Cut two pieces of ribbon off. Each one about 6 inches long. Thread a bell with each piece of ribbon and tie a knot above the bell on each one. Now thread the other end of a ribbon through the bottom hole on the wooden disc. And then the other ribbon. Then tie them into a knot on the backside of the ornament. Was going to do three bells but the third one wouldn’t fit through the hole! Cut about 6 inches of florists wire Push the wire through the hole on the top of the ornament. Use needle nose pliers to bend and curve wire on one end You can bend it with your hands too Now poke the other end of the wire through the hole on top of the ornament Bend and curve the wire to the shape you like! Glue beads onto wood. Go around the frame with the beads. Merry Christmas! Seasons Greetings!

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