CHEVRON SEED Knit Stitch Pattern

The Chevron Seed Stitch. Hi, Guys, I’m Kristen
and Welcome to Studio Knit! It’s Knitting Lesson Monday and today I
am sharing one of my very favorite vintage knitting stitches, a Chevron Pattern! With
a simple series of knits and purls, we will create this graphic Chevron pattern with only
four rows. We cast on in multiples of eight. I have cast
on 24 stitches on my piece. And we will be repeating four simple rows to create the entire
Chevron pattern. I am going to switch to blue yarn while demonstrating
these four rows. So, to begin, on row one, we begin by just
purling one stitch. So, I’m switching to my blue yarn. We purl one, bring the yarn around,
and it’s time to knit. We knit three stitches. So, K3 is knitting three stitches. One, Two,
and Three. And row one is really simple because then we just purl one again and knit three
again. So, this will create the eight stitches total and you just repeat this all the way
down the row of your entire piece. Oh, if you enjoy learning vintage knitting
patterns, please hit LIKE and COMMENT to let me know you would like to see more Knit Stitch
videos like this. Now, on Row 2, we begin knitting one, and
then we are going to purl five, finishing our series of eight, with one knit stitch
right here and one purl stitch. And again, just repeat this series of eight stitches
until you reach the end of your row. Okay, it’s Row 3 already! So, we will knit
two, and then we will purl one. Okay, so that’s three total stitches. Next we are going to
knit three stitches, and for the final two, it is simply purl one and knit one. Purl one,
and knit one. Awesome! So, you may have noticed that this pattern
is NOT easily memorized, so I am leaving the instructions in the description below and
I also will link over to my website where I will have it, as well. Here we are! This is the final row. Row 4.
And we begin by purling two, and then we are going to knit one, we are going to purl one,
knit one again, and purl three. And that’s it. And keep knitting these four rows in the Chevron
Seed Stitch until your piece is the length you desire. Thank You so much for watching Studio Knit.
And when you subscribe, you receive a new knitting lesson every Monday. So, make sure
to check out my other knit stitch patterns, too, like my popular Seed Stitch and my tres
chic Eiffel Tower Stitch! Bye!

17 thoughts on “CHEVRON SEED Knit Stitch Pattern

  • I love your videos. They are super helpful since I'm a beginner. How many stitches would i need to make an adult sized blanket?

  • Your tutorial was very easy to understand but when I tried this the purls weren't showing up. Do you know how this might have happened?

  • You are the best, easiest to follow and sweetest out there. I love love love your videos. I get so excited to think I really CAN do it after watching your videos. Keep it up! You make me happy!

  • hello there! I really enjoyed the stitch and the outcome! I knitted a baby blanket using this stitch!! 🙂 Can i upload my project on ravelry linking to your video? thanks a lot!

  • Hey guys! My new KNIT STITCH PATTERN BOOK now includes this stitch and to easily knit it up offline. Get it on Etsy ($6) here:

  • I Like these videos, Thank You for sharing. I Am New . Some of the stiches are new to me. But I think I can Do It.

  • great video you make knitting easy like this as a new knitter thanks i am going to look into your book are pattern made easy like you do on videos ?

  • i just looked up your book OMG i need this looks like patterns are made easy and a video for each pattern nice i like to learn to make socks and then one day try to make a sweater

  • Hope you can answer. How do you get the beginning to start off straight. When i instantly start knitting this stitch, it starts off with triangles. At least it looks like that after 4 rows or am i wrong?

  • very simple stich but very difficult to memorize
    so, after knitting more than 10 inches, I screwed up somehow, couldnt fix it (got fed up/aggrevated) and just got rid of the whole thing
    now, gonna look for a different stich and start from scratch ……wish me luck

  • Thank-you! Finally a beginner stitch that I can understand! So many hours and vids watched and I just felt lost and confused!

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