Cherpu – carving woods for a passion | Kerala Handicraft Village

You can see huge sized wooden handicrafts and miniatures of elephants in various handicrafts and curio shops while traveling across Kerala. If you find white colored nails on the
elephant’s foot be assured it is crafted by the skilled hands of artisans from
Cherpu. Cherpu is a village near Thrissur famous for crafting the elephants sculptures. In the village one can find many
artisans who are engaged in the making of this wooden handicraft. Here the elephants are made out of a single piece of wood Today the artisans of Cherpu have formed a Co-operative Community and they have a production center and sales outlet at Cherpu Cherpu is a land of festivals you can pay a visit to the temple festivals of Cherpu and Thrissur which usually falls during the months of March to May and the Arattupuzha Pooram Peruvanam Pooram and Thrissur Pooram are a few to the list A combination of interesting destinations will provide you with rich experiences The traditional cultural training center of Kerala Arts and Culture – Kerala Kalamandalam Shakthan Thampuran Museum Vadakkunathan Temple Paramekkavu Temple and Punnathur Kotta – Asia’s biggest centre for domesticated elephants are the attractions near Cherpu

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