Ceramic Two-Piece Vase : Ceramic Two-Piece Vase: Trimming the Bottom

OK so now we’ve centered the bottom part of
this vessel, and the next thing we’re going to do is trim it. And for this, I’m going
to use these tools here. Now it’s important to understand how much clay you have in the
base of your pot. You can check it before hand if you’re not sure. I pretty much know
I have about half an inch on the bottom of this, so I can judge how deeply I can go into
it. The process of trimming a base is simply putting a ring or a foot onto the pot. This
is so you don’t have so much surface area on the bottom of the pot. And it will sit
nicely on a table if there’s any inconsistencies on the surface. So now I’m going to show you
how to trim this, and I’m going to start with this tool here. And I’m going to trim the
side. Like that. Pulling off the clay, you can see it’s ready to trim because the clay
isn’t sticking to itself.
You can also work your way down into the body of your vessel. And also shape the form of
our vase. There we go. So now I’ve taken off the sides here. And I’m going to take some
off the top at this point. First what I’m going to do is flatten it out. So that I know
that I have a nice, flat surface. So there we go, I flattened it out. Now I’m going to
take my smaller tool here and I’m actually going to carve away a centerpiece in here.
Which will be a relief for the foot and here we go, I’m going to use a rounded edge here,
so you can see how the clay spirals off. And then keep your hands steady. See how I’m holding
my fingers on the edge of the pot here to steady them up. A little definition into the
edge of it there. We could make a rounded foot by simply rounded off the edges here.
We could sculpt a little something into the edge to define the base. Really, whatever
you want to do. You can do it. Maybe put a little edge in there. Round it off. This is
really the moment to be creative. You can do lots of different kinds of bases. But basically
we put in a nice foot onto the base of this two part vase here, and the next thing I’m
going to do is show you how to prepare this to be attached to this.

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