Cartoon Hook-Ups: Wolverine and Jean Grey

[Door Slams] Wolverine?! What are you doing here? Jean. Someone gave me a note saying that you were in trouble at this hotel. That’s strange, I was supposed to meet Cyclops here… You guys should have sex! [Sniffs] It smells like insecurity and bad super powers. You’re a bad super power! But they’re right, we should definitely do it. Cyclops, is that you? No, I’m just your inner voice! Cyclops, we know its you! Oh, don’t mind me! Continue with what you guys were gonna do! Whatever you say, pretty boy. Come on, Jean. I know you want a taste of the FERAL BEAST. There it is! Go ahead Jean! Do you really want me to? Oh yeah! Totally. Really? Go for it! Well, you heard the man. Let’s just cut… to the chase. Okay, get on over here my feral bea- Oh! You’re REALLY gonna do it!? Not fair! I’M the leader! It’s just not fair! Thank you so much for watching! please hit the like button, subscribe to the channel and suggest your favorite characters in the comment section below. Alright, folks! We will see you next time. Peace out, homies!

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