Cartoon Hook-Ups: Spider Man and Mary Jane

Spider Man? Where did you go? Hey there! There you are. Oh, man… What’s wrong? I just don’t know if I should do
this. What can I do to convince you
otherwise? It’s just… I have really strong
feelings for someone else. He’s
great… You don’t say. What’s his name? It’s… Peter… Boy do I have
something to tell you… He’s sweet, and handsome, in a
nerdy kind of way… It sounds like you really like
him a lot. Yeah, but the truth is, he SUCKS in
the bedroom. Wait, what? Yeah. I mean, just terrible. I’m sure he’s not that bad– And SO boring. Oh my GOD. Listen, I think you might be exaggerating. No he’s the worst! And
embarrassingly small. Anyways, what were you going to
tell me? I, um, don’t remember. You know what? Screw Peter. Let’s
do this. I need a REAL man. A
Spider Man. Ya know. Suddenly, I’m not really
in the mood. What? Yeah, I’m Just… gonna go hang
myself with my own web.

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