Cartoon Hook-Ups: Shadow and Amy

…and we were so scared, but I
knew that he would take care of
us… Amy! Yeah? Listen, this has been awesome.
Like, REALLY awesome, but you keep
talking about him… Who? You know, HIM. Ohhhhhh. You know, that reminds
me. You know, you kinda look like
Sonic. I mean, you aren’t blue,
but you’re still pretty handsome. Have you ever thought of dyeing
your hair? There was one time
Sonic was thinking of bleaching his
hair… Ugh!!! I was like, “What do you think this
is? The 90’s?” I mean, it was the
90’s. He would have looked SUPER
cute, but I don’t know. I wonder
what Sonic is up to… *Sigh* Don’t mind me. I just forgot my
toothbrush. Good luck dude. Who does he think he is!? He’s not
all that great. With his stupid
voice… Yeah! There ya go!!! …and that perfect sexy smile. Oh my God! …I love that boy…

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