Cara Memotong Kuku Kelinci Untuk Pemula – Nail Trimming Rabbit

Hi, Cika Ciku has long nails, now it’s time to trim their nails When I first wanted to trim my rabbit’s nails, I was very scared, but now I am not afraid anymore Now before cutting the rabbit’s nails, I try to handle the rabbit well, so that me and the rabbit are both comfortable If we and the rabbit are both comfortable, then we can check the rabbit’s nails Rabbit nails on the forelegs and hind legs have different amounts, The forelegs has 5 nails and the hind legs has 4 nails Just try to look at your rabbit’s nails What is important, there are parts on rabbit nails that should not be trimmed This is called Quick, which contains blood vessels. Just like the pink part of human nails, which will bleed when cut It turn out there are rabbit nails that are light and some are dark To find out the position of Quick on a dark nail we can use a Flashlight Quick will look darker or reddish than the tip of the nail If this is the first time trimming a rabbit’s nails, we can just cut the tip of the pointed nail So that Quick is not trimmed. And when it’s advanced, we can cut the rabbit’s nails even shorter What if Quick accidentally gets cut off? Don’t panic, we can stop the bleeding using styptic powder or flour Flour can also stop bleeding on the rabbit’s nails and it’s safer if the rabbit licks it instead of using Iodine Initially, I had difficulty handling Ciku. Ciku always struggles and bites me Then I tried to use a towel or soft cloth to swaddle Ciku When swaddling, the rabbit’s feet should bend in a normal and comfortable position as the rabbit usually bends his legs Put all rabbit feet in the towel and the rabbit ears should be outside the towel In this way we will more easily handle aggressive rabbits Take one of the rabbit feet from the towel to trim his nails If one of the rabbit’s legs has his nails trimmed, his foot can be put back into the towel and we take the next leg Do the same thing on the hind legs So, that was how I trim my rabbit’s nails Remember, don’t feel nervous when going to trim a rabbit’s nails, because the rabbit will feel uncomfortable. just relax

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