Can You Beat Bioshock Infinite With Only A Sky-Hook?

The assortment of Vigors and weapons in Bioshock
Infinite ensure that there are always at least a few different ways to handle any situation. But there’s one weapon that isn’t really
meant to be the main method of attack. Can You Beat Bioshock Infinite With Only A
Skyhook? I awoke in a boat with a gentleman and a lady
discussing rowing. I had a sinking feeling unrelated to the boat
filling with water that they were actually talking about something other than rowing,
but I couldn’t prove it. They left, I stood in the rain for a while
to see if they would ever fully disappear from view, they didn’t, and I entered the
lighthouse. Inside I found someone who had quite clearly
killed themselves and rang a few bells. For a second I thought someone somewhere had
activated the failsafe, then I took a seat on my cushioned chariot and ascended into
the sky. I took my time wandering around the church
I arrived in, thinking for a while about what a pain in the ass it must be to keep all these
candles lit, went down some stairs, and found more candles. The good news is that I can actually put a
few of them out. The fewer fire hazards, the better. Before I could get into the city proper, I
had to get baptized. I did try to skirt my way around the priest
but I couldn’t. The thing that really shocked me about this
scene is that it seemed like the water barely went up to the priests ankles. Unless I’ve got a head like a pancake, I
don’t see how I could’ve almost been drowned in this water. During my blackout, I got a glimpse at a city
being destroyed, woke up for the 2nd time in the last 16 minutes, and was finally in
Columbia. This bird looks like shit, by the way. This game, even though I am playing it as
a part of the Bioshock Collection, still looks great. While some games from 2013 have aged like
a block of cheese sealed in a mason jar, this game is not one of them. I pressed onward deeper into the city, saw
a pretty electric pony, got a quick Columbia history lesson, saw another hummingbird that
seemed enamored by the music, which made this entire city feel like one of those wholesome
Disney cartoons from the early 40s. You know, the ones that were shockingly racist. I’m gonna skip through a lot of this early
game stuff because it’s just walking, looking, and listening for a while. The key takeaways are demonic jugglers, the
Handyman, my first Vigor, a sneak peak of my future weapon, the False Shepherd badge
of honor, and the raffle itself in which really felt like home in that I was the only one
there who seemed to not be racist. After things took a dark turn… uh…. yeah that’s okay I can say that, I shoved
someone’s face into a police officer’s weapon, supposedly, I think we can all agree
that he did that to himself, he should’ve complied with my commands, and I finally got
my first weapon. With this being the introductory combat portion
of the game, the Officers sent to kill me aren’t at all difficult to kill. More combat later, I got my hands on a gun
that I can’t use. The annoying part about the Skyhook is that
Booker DeWitt is a miracle of modern science in that he can have a firearm in one hand,
a Vigor active in the other, and the Skyhook in the 2nd. If you’re thinking that the math makes no
sense, I agree’d with you. In a perfect scenario, this would be like
the first Bioshock where I can eliminate the temptation of using firearms and the possibility
of an accidental discharge by having the Skyhook out as my primary weapon. But that can’t happen. So if I can’t get rid of the gun, I’ll
just get rid of the bullets. The rule is I can’t kill anyone with anything
other than the Skyhook, not that I can’t fire all my bullets into the wall to waste
them. That was the general idea for most of this
playthrough, but I’ll go ahead and mention now that there were times when I didn’t
empty the clip or magazine, who cares, because of a combat situation or a lack of awareness. With the Pistol somewhat empty, I continued
to make my way to towards the statue in the sky to rescue the princess. It was here things got challenging. There were a lot of cops and they were doing
far more damage than I seemed to remember them doing in previous playthroughs, resulting
in me dying several times. Then there was the Fireman who did a metric
fuck-ton of damage. And of course all the tomatoes were just for
show. Eventually the Fireman died, my fingers looked
like match sticks that’d been left to burn after lighting a candle, and I kept heading
towards Monument Island. It was here things got far more difficult
than they had any right to be. The automated turret is a motherfucker in
terms of both damage and accuracy. Taking damage from its bullets also slowed
me down the tiniest of tiny amounts, which was more annoying than anything else. I tried to just outrun it, but it did too
much damage too quickly. After some trial and error, realized that
the only enemy left was the turret, which meant that I could Possess it to get to to
stop attacking me without having to worry about it attacking anything else. I entered the Blue Ribbon restaurant and made
another dimension-shattering discovery: Gear. Pieces of gear are items that can be equipped
to provide a buff of some sort. Four can be active at any given time, and
I’ve got more than a few to choose from. Here’s a rundown on what I chose: My hat
is Electric Punch which gives all melee attacks a 75% chance to stun an enemy for 4 seconds,
my vest or shirt is Sugar Rush which increases movement speed by 50% for 3 seconds after
eating a snack, my pants are Bull Rush which lets melee attacks knock back enemies, and
my shoes are Fleet Feet which increases movement speed when evading. I thought for a while about whether or not
I should use these effects. After all, stunning an enemy 75% of the time
while also knocking them back makes the Skyhook stupid powerful. But as far as I’m concerned this is no different
than enchanting a wooden sword in Skyrim that absorbs almost 18,000,000 health from an enemy. In addition to all the gear available, there’s
also a few infusions that can upgrade your max health, shield capacity, or salt capacity. In retrospect, since your shields automatically
recharge, it would’ve been smart to just go all-in on Shield Infusions from the very
beginning. But I didn’t. In fact I put most of them into Health for
some ungodly reason. I then got my first taste of arial combat
with the Sky hooks, found a Machine Gun and promptly fired all bullets down into the Earth,
and could finally figure out how useful all this gear would really be. They’re about as good as I expected them
to be, which is borderline overpowered. Even if an enemy is tough and can take 3 or
4 hits to kill, all I need is one to get them on the ground, then they’re no longer a
threat to me. I did die in this section though, because
I underestimated the turret’s potency despite my prior experience with them. Inside a building, the Skyhook’s potential
really shined through as I beat several police officers to death in a confined space. Then, for whatever reason, I thought to check
the difficulty. Turns out, in an unsurprising twist, I’d
set it to Hard, not Easy, because of course I did. I claimed that I was from Michigan, not that
I was smart. With the difficulty now set to Easy, all foes
would be a considered a joke, more so than they already were. Just as an example, a Fireman gave me some
trouble earlier, but I did more damage to my hand from how hard I was hitting this prick
than he did to me. One whack, lots of screaming, a few more whacks,
then silence. Give me an alcoholic wife and two dead kids
and I’d be living the American dream. Even a turret which was the bane of my existence
for several minutes not long ago was a complete nothing bird-herder of a foe now. I kept making my way towards Monument Island,
killed a few klansman inside a frat house, watched this lucky guy get pecked to death
by a few parakeets, and came face to face with a Zealot of the Lady. The Zealot can be a tricky enemy to deal with
normally. They teleport around and do a not insignificant
amount of damage when they attack. But the Skyhook knocks the bitch out with
one hit. Once they’re on the ground, they’re the
same as any other enemy. Death is all but guaranteed. I finally got to Monument Island. Well, the Gateway anyway. There were a lot of cops in this place. With this many idiots all trying to beat me
to death, the ideal strategy is to just close your eyes and start swinging randomly in all
directions. If all goes well, they’ll all be dead. After leaving the building, I used the Skylines
to get closer to Monument Island, fighting through cops and police all the way there
until I reached the base of the building, at which time Comstock ordered them to stand
down. But I know a trap when I see one, which is
why I beat them all to death. And not just the ones outside, I killed those
inside the building as well. The sad part is Comcast didn’t seem to care
at all about all the people I’d just killed. I then boarded his Zeppelin, killed some guys,
tried to kill this raggedy bitch, failed, Comstock revealed himself rather briefly,
the bitch exploded, and I left the Zeppelin. But all is not lost, as I’m now at Monument
Tower. Inside Monument Tower, I found a picture that
fascinated me far more than it should have, I passed by the electric speaker room, pushed
my 3rd favorite kind of button, and slowly ascended the tower while watching Elizabeth
like some kind of sick freak. I fell through the roof, Elizabeth threw portable
paper at me, she explained that her preferred Monopoly piece is the thimble, the Big Bird
arrived to see what was causing the ruckus, and we ran for our lives to escape the tower. Well, she ran. I leisurely walked. My attempts at soothing the bird with a few
heavy bonks on the nose failed miserably, the tower collapsed, and I caught myself on
the sky-rail. All sorts of things were going wrong as I
rode the rail to safety. I awoke for the 3rd time in Battleship Bay,
passed out again, then woke for the 4th time after having been saved by Elizabeth, and
for the first time, but certainly not the last time, my objective was to find Elizabeth. Two children were playing dangerously close
to the edge of the world, and I’d hoped to push them over the edge to their death,
but just like how I wanted to play with these balls, my hopes and dreams don’t matter. I found Elizabeth, the First Lady Airship
arrived, I picked the Cage pin, I got a worthless gift from the folks I’d saved at the raffle
all those minutes ago, and arrived at Charles E Cheddar’s Carnival Fun Land and Puppet
Emporium. This mustachioed gentleman got upset that
I touched his bell, so he stabbed me in the hand which resulted in a serious of unpleasant
events getting kicked off and me killing everyone in the room. Elizabeth seemed less than impressed by my
ruthless murder spree. She’s also exceptionally weak. She couldn’t pull this lever with both hands
while I effortlessly did it with one hand. I’m not sure why this was what I found to
be weird out of everything I’ve encountered so far. We continued our search for the First Lady
Airship by passing through Soldier’s Field. Even the fake mechanical children can’t
be hurt. I knew this game was a joke. This freak was trying to sell communist propaganda
to children, so you know I had to kill him. The few cops in the area didn’t like that,
not that their opinions matter since they’re dead now. To get to the Airship, I needed to fulfill
my destiny and become Electro-Lad. Shock Jockey is somewhere in the Hall of Heroes,
which would explain why Songbird seemed to know exactly where to go to find us. I got the Distance Donkey vigor, was confronted
by what seemed like a dozen police officers who died just trying to do their job, and
was one courtyard away from entering the Hall of Heroes. Here I encountered what I thought would end
this run: a rooftop sniper. There’s no way to get up to where he is
to kill him, and the maximum effective range of the Sky hook is about one arms length. I ran around for a bit until I thought to
just ignore him, which worked, and I entered the Hall of Heroes to find Slate and Shock
Jockey. This segment of the game is one of many that
show how powerful the propaganda Comstock pushes is on the common folk. He presented himself as a wartime hero who
saved the day, but he wasn’t really. Slate sent a bunch of men after me, none of
them were really anything crazy. In fact, I’d go so far as to say you’d
find more resistance in crushing a baby’s head in your hands before its skull hardens
than you would killing these low-level goons. I waited for what felt like minutes while
Elizabeth just stood in front of a door instead of unlocking it like a good little lackey. There was another courtyard full of Slate’s
Men, which I used to get the Aerial Assassin trophy, pushed inside the First Lady Memorial,
and fought a Patriot for the first time. More so than the Bird people and Firemen,
the Motorized Patriot is supposed to be a tough enemy to deal with. They’re definitely the hardest to kill of
anything I’ve encountered so far, but they’re still not that difficult. More time consuming than anything else. They can still be stunned with the Skyhook
just like any other enemy. Maybe 10 whacks and they’re down for the
count. Slate sent everything he could muster to stop
me, which didn’t work because it was more about giving his men a soldier’s death than
it was actually stopping me. I’m the protagonist, I don’t die. Slate begged me to kill him, but I couldn’t
because the Pistol he gave me isn’t a Sky hook. Elizabeth was proud that I spared him. Then I beat him to death. With Shock Jockey coursing through my fingers,
I could return to Soldier’s Field to power up the gondola. Comstock’s goons came to stop me from reaching
the gondola, but as previously described, they did not succeed. I rode the gondola, killed more innocent people,
and boarded the First Lady Airship. Elizabeth caught wind of my plans to sell
her organs for drug money and promptly bashed me in the skull with a wrench. When I woke up I was standing on the precipice
of a few broken bones probably, finally got to see how snow is made, Daisy decided for
me that I was going to help her, then this asshole pushed me off the airship and I somehow
didn’t break my back. My objective is the same as it is 90% of the
time: Find Elizabeth. I killed the guys cleaning the floors because
I had some internal things to work out. I almost caught Elizabeth, she blocked my
way with imaginary confetti and a marching band, then the Choco Mountain train, and went
and got herself arrested. I had almost rescued her when I got attacked
by one of the best ultimate frisbee players the world has ever seen, also known as a Handyman. With Elizabeth thinking that she’d still
see Paris one day, we were off to Finkton to find a gunsmith. More hooligans tried to stop us, Elizabeth
read from her diary, and Jeremiah Fink introduced hisself to me. Turns out that, according to May Lin, the
gunsmith was taken by the Flying Squad. God that name just rubs me the wrong way. We went to the Good Time Club, I thought for
a moment that maybe the stars would align and I’d be able to buy a Skyhook upgrade
of some sort, obviously that was not the case, I killed 7 people at speeds that would make
Stalin jealous, Fink sent a Bird Man after me as if that’s supposed to be any sort
of a challenge, and then things got stupid difficult. He sent automated nonsense to kill me. The two ground turrets were annoying, but
they were not the real problem. The real issue here is the three airborne
turrets. I’m sure you can figure out why multiple
turrets that float 15 feet off the ground would be troublesome to kill when your only
method of attack is a melee weapon. I spent several minutes running around bashing
my head on various things open to cause brain injury traumatic enough to kill me. After I didn’t die, I came up with the next
best option. Two of the turrets comes out from behind the
curtain, meaning I can destroy it as soon as it appears. The ugly duckling, the child its parents secretly
wished would’ve been hit by a car and killed years ago, is all that remains. The first time I leaped off the balcony it
became clear that constantly breaking my legs would be a viable option. All I need to do is successfully jump off
the balcony and whack the turret maybe 3 times. It took a bit of effort, but I eventually
did it, and the worst part of this challenge in now behind me. I pressed onward and arrived at the jail where
the gunsmith was being held. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t paying attention
to what was being said during this part of the story. I killed Slate for the 2nd time. I’m not sure how exactly that happened but
I’m not gonna question it, took Elizabeth down to the Good Time basement, and found
the gunsmith who appears to have had a bit of an accident. Alzheimers sure is scary. The Luteces were back and made vague statement
about science mumbo-jumbo, Elizebeth opened up her tear, and we passed into another dimension
together. There were more prisoners in the prison in
this new world, and I killed as many of them as I could. The Gunsmith was back but we were too late,
the Alzheimers had already started kicking his ass. The fetch quests never end though, as now
we were going to Shantytown to find tools. Of all the universes we could’ve jumped
to, we had to go to the one without a Home Depot. How people built buildings without the quality
and affordable tools Home Depot offers is a hell of a mystery. In the shantiest of towns, Elizabeth used
her console commands to spawn some fake fruit for the common folk, who I immediately started
beating to death. I killed most of the people in the Shantytown
on the way to the Police Impound. And this is where things got weird, but no
challenge is complete without the game fucking itself to death. There are cops and stuff that need to die,
but when I land on the platform and whack em’, I glitch through the floor and am seduced
by the void. Then I land and things break again. This happened several times and I’m not
sure why. It’s a real problem, but it’s not the
main problem. The turret issue reared its cunting head again. Only this time its with rocket turrets instead
of machine gun turrets with balloons. There is no way to reach those turrets. They’re too far out and too high to hit
with the Skyhook, but the floor breaks when I land on it, so running and jumping at the
turrets isn’t an option to begin with. Unfortunately, this is the end of the line. The door can’t be opened while in combat,
combat can’t be ended while the turrets exist, and the turrets can’t be wiped from
this dimension with only a Skyhook. To answer the titular question, no, you can’t
beat Bioshock Infinite with only a Skyhook. But this is just a minor setback. I’m not gonna let it stop me. I had Elizabeth repeatedly open tears that
spawn turrets that fight on my behalf to destroy the rocket turrets. I didn’t destroy them with the Skyhook,
but I also didn’t destroy them with any of my other weapons or vigors. This seemed like the only logical way to proceed. With them dealt with, I could get inside the
Police Impound building, kill the police inside, found the gunsmith’s tools, and hopped into
yet another new dimension, this time one where the tools are already back at the gunsmith’s
shop. Because who cares about supporting your local
branch of the US Postal Service. In this new timeline, I’m a hero to the
Vox Populi. But unlike a game like Call of Duty, there
is no penalty for killing your friends, so I killed both friend and foe alike until I
arrived back at the gunsmith’s building where, thank god, he’s dead again. Now that that problem resolved itself, I could
get back to what mattered: finding and securing the First Lady Airship. Daisy Fitzroy had other ideas. I knew she was a ghost hunter at heart, because
she’s not thrilled about me supposedly being back from the dead. She pulled a Mr Dink, killed Jeremiah Fink,
and covered herself in his liquid stink. The Vox Populi gang did everything in their
power to stop me from reaching Daisy. The common-folk were quite easy to kill. The only things that posed a real threat were
the Handymen and Patriots, mostly the Handymen which makes sense as they’re essentially
the Big Daddy’s of Bioshock Infinite. Daisy put a gun to the Fink Boy’s head,
which Elizabeth didn’t appreciate. I guess Elizabeth is one of those people who
thinks children’s lives are actually worth something. The Boy lived, I got my airship back, Songbird
attacked, and the airship was already destroyed. That feathered fuck always ruins everything. This is the beginning of the end, as Comstock
House is where we’re headed. There were some innocent bystanders trying
to get onto a gondola to probably escape Columbia. I made sure they succeeded, just not in the
way they expected. This area has more heavily armored Vox Populi
soldiers than previously encountered, what with the new dimension and whatnot, but once
they’re on the ground they’re more or less the same as anyone else. Inside Port Prosperity, I found half a dozen
scalps belonging to people who were stupid enough to get a haircut at SuperCuts, went
back outside, killed a Patriot, knocked a guy down into Oblivion, and took the Gondola
to Comstock House. There were more soldiers and Patriots inside,
nothing too noteworthy though. The bigger issue here wasn’t the enemies,
but my incredibly smooth brain. There are 2 snipers perched on their own platforms. I couldn’t reach them with the Skyhook from
the ground, and there was no way to get up there. I spent several minutes wandering around aimlessly,
taking the occasional swing at the sniper to no avail. Then it hit me that I’d been completely
obvious to the Freight Hook tear that could be spawned in, which allowed me to brutally
beat the snipers into a bloody pulp, walk through the turnstile, search for a key, and
once again suffer the wrath of Big Bird. There were a lot of tough cookies waiting
for me on the way to Downtown Emporia. The Handyman was, as usual, the most precarious
foe to contend with, especially since he can shock the sky lines. The stun attacks also aren’t nearly as effective
on him as they are on everything else. Nevertheless, the area was cleared, I passed
through Sniper Alley, arrived in Downtown Emporia, and Elizabeth made it clear that
we couldn’t get inside Comstock House until we dug up and did unspeakable things to her
mother’s long since rotted corpse. Turns out that she’s not a corpse, she’s
a ghost. Daisy Fitzroy was right all along. Lady Comstock was a real bitch to deal with,
primarily because she used her unholy powers for evil by raising the dead to attack me. The dead aren’t much of a threat on their
own, but when they’re endlessly spawning and attack in large numbers, they can do a
lot of damage in a short amount of time. Lady Comstock is also tough as nails, far
tougher than a Handyman. After she was defeated, the Luteces arrived
to do some landscaping, and Elizabeth and I were off to fuck that Ghost to death 3 more
times. The actual objective was to “Find the 3
Tears”, but I can read between the lines. Nothing all that interesting happened during
this little adventure in backtracking. After finding the 3rd tear, the Ghost of Lady
Comstock revealed herself again, I killed her again and all the dead she’s spawned,
and we returned to Comstock House’s Gate, where there were more Vox Populi lying in
wait. Lady Comstock proved to be a resourceful old
bird by again raising the dead to fight for her. This time around, I largely ignored the dead
and focussed my whacking on the Lady herself. For the last time she was beaten to death. She blasted the gate open for us before returning
to her coffin, and we were finally on the path to Comstock House. Songbird ruins everything though, because
he showed up and pulled a Shawn Michaels by chucking me though a window. His clawed fist was mere inches away from
penetrating my skull when Elizabeth finally returned the favor by saving my life for once. She’s gone, but I’m still alive and that’s
all that matters. For the 1000th time, my objective is to find
Elizabeth. She’s apparently some sort of a religious
icon now. I tried to kill this Boy of Silence which
didn’t work because after all the head injuries I’ve gotten he might not have even existed
in the first place. His scream summoned a horde of masked minions
to made mincemeat out of me, I avoided the bell boys in most future encounters, got to
the Warden’s Office, and was ready to rescue Elizabeth. On my way to the Operating Theater I took
the hand of Elizabeth and was pulled into another dimension where I got a glimpse of
the salvation to come. I waited for a while, because how often do
you get to see New York being glassed by blimps outside of a Marvel movie. I found Elizabeth, who looked like she was
experiencing something a bit unpleasant. Between her flailing around and screaming
“Turn it off, turn it off, it hurts, it hurts” to the tune of “Santa’s coming,
tonight tonight”, I just had a feeling she wasn’t exactly having fun in there. The fighting in-route to rescue her was surprisingly
more difficult than I thought it’d be. I died a few times, most likely due to the
2 turrets and assortment of heavily armored soldiers with their fancy firearms. I shut off the power, ripped the sucker out
of her spinal column, and she summoned a fucking tornado to threaten me with. We left the Operating Theater via an elevator
that had a button that I got to push, Elizabeth picked a lock because there was no way, between
her inter-dimensional powers and military-grade arsenal of weaponry, that we could ever hope
to get through this glass door. I killed a few people and we took a gondola
up to the Hand of the Prophet’s Gunship. Then, for the third time, turrets arrived
to fuck this idea to death. I’ve really gotta come up with a better
way to describe shitty situations than just saying “fucked to death”. Anyway, the problem is the same as it was
the first time; there are 2 airborne turrets that I can’t reach. I tried running and jumping at them but they’re
too high and too far out, plus being shot staggers my movement a bit which wasn’t
doing me any favors. I tried get on top of the gondola but it’s
blocked by an invisible wall. There was nothing I could do. Luckily, money has been practically worthless
throughout this entire run, and the only penalty for dying is losing some cash. So I sat there for quite a while, dying over
and over and over again. It takes about 40 seconds to shredded by their
bullets to the point that my heart stops, get revived by Elizabeth, and do it all over
again. I stood there for a solid 25 minutes, so I
reckon I died at least 50 times. Part of me wanted to see if I could wait it
out and eventually arrive at the Gunship, and the other part of me was waiting for a
phone call to let me know that my dog had been put to sleep. Bioshock wasn’t my top priority at that
particular moment. Back in the game, I still hadn’t come up
with any acceptable ideas for dealing with the turrets, so I did the only thing I could
think of. I used the Possession vigor on one of the
turrets to get it to destroy the other, leaving it on my side and allowing us to finally progress
to the Gunship. The end is near, which mean Comstock’s throwing
everything he can at us: soldiers, turrets, clowns in devil hats, Patriots, everything. After several minutes of nonstop whacking,
we made it to the interior of the Gunship, there was a whole bunch of mean people to
face, including a Handyman, before ascending a final time and confronting Zachary Comstock. He grabbed Elizabeth and I really thought
she had it under control, but after watching for a while it became clear that she didn’t,
so, in the glorified cutscene that doesn’t count, I bashed Comstock’s head against
the bird bath and drowned him. I almost did something horrible before I realized
how messy it would be, went to the control room, set a course for somewhere, and were
attacked by what remained of the Vox Populi, which was a small army’s worth of people. Elizabeth summoned the giant, he took to the
skies because, you know, he’s a bird, and the final battle began. Pretty much everything I’ve said about combat
situations applies here. The soldiers aren’t that difficult to kill,
the heavy hitters like the Patriots, missile guys, and Bird People have the potential to
be challenging but really aren’t. To be perfectly honest, this was not at all
difficult. You just have to pay attention to your health
and use the Skylines to escape to let your shield recharge. The large Zeppelins can only be destroyed
with Songbird. I’m sure there were people on-board that
were killed when Bird attacked, so you could probably count that against me, but I’ve
already failed the run thanks to those airborne turrets from earlier, so it doesn’t really
matter at this point. I took the neat whistle and used it to direct
Songbird to destroy Monument Tower, where Elizabeth was once held. The Bird then gained sentience and developed
free will, with his first choice being to come after me. Elizabeth saved the day by teleporting all
three of us down to the bottom of the ocean. It was dumb luck that she managed to get Songbird
in the water while we were safely behind the glass of Rapture. And if there’s one thing that won’t crack
under even the most extreme of circumstances, it’s glass. I spent as much time as I could exploring
Rapture, we rode the bathysphere back up to the surface, and the infinite universes dimensional
looping thing got crazy. This is somewhat convoluted, but the gist
of it is that Booker DeWitt is or becomes Comstock in the timelines where he’s baptized
after the Battle of Wounded Knee. The only way to stop all the suffering Comstock
caused was to kill him, Booker, before he ever has a chance to become Comstock. I’m pushed under the water, it flows into
my lungs, I run out of air, black out, eventually die and did not beat Bioshock Infinite with
only the Skyhook. And that’s gonna do it for this video about
whether or not you can beat Bioshock Infinite with only a Sky-Hook. If you enjoyed the video or learned anything,
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