Bulletin Board Tour

Hello again, my friends. This is me in my
bedroom. la-da-da Filming in my bedroom, that’s
controversial, no it’s not. um I figured I’d film something quickish today, maybe.
And see if that can I get this video up kind of sooner to have something on the channel and tell myself that I WAS productive creatively. Behind me is a bulletin board; and that
bulletin board is full of things! So, so many things. It’s
all memorabilia of life and everything. But as I keep growing older, as life
continues to march on, and the Earth continues to around the Sun, I’m making
more memories. So that means I have more things that I could potentially put on
this lovely board behind me. But I’m also running out of space on this board. So I
need to take some things down at some point. But I don’t want to get rid of
all this stuff! I mean some of the memories that are on here I have other
keepsakes for. So I CAN get rid of them It’s just I haven’t yet, because I like
the way– I like the layout of the board as it is right now. But I will eventually
want to redecorate it and rearrange everything. So this is just a video to be like
“hey remember what the board used to look like?” And then– and we’ll eventually
redecorate this. Eventually it’s gonna happen, so I can be like “oh this is what
it used to look like, this is what it looks like now.” Like the ‘march of
progress in my life’ and stuff I guess maybe? Just… here’s a bulletin board. It
has stuff on it. Let’s see what that stuff is. Starting from the top we have a ticket
to an R5 concert a friend and I went to, followed by a couple tickets to Bruins
games that same friend and my family went to. Cuz my dad likes the Bruins,
and I mean so do I, and also it was work-related technically. So we got
tickets! Wrapping around that is a lanyard that has ‘Funimation’ so you might
be able to guess this came from Anime Boston, the second one I ever went to.
because I got rid of for the first lanyard I guess? I don’t know. Might be
somewhere in my closet. Over here we have some photos from phone booths and things. This one from a sweet 16 from a friend This one from a friend who lives in Rhode Island and just having fun with
the props in the booth and everything. Yeah freshman-sophomore semi-formal. This
is the ticket from that, if you cared. Got to hang out with friends and dance,
and we had food and we were being dorks in photobooth, as you do. I went to the
field trip with the chorus department to New York (NYC) and everybody got a chance to take
a photo with a Rockette, with a green screen into the background. We– the main field
trip point was to go see Newsies and some museums so this is the playbill from that
night. This is a hockey player that was signed. (*zooms to logo*) That’s my dad’s company. This is
the card from my sensei from when I went up a rank in karate. Just telling me how
proud he is and me working hard and everything. I’m gonna keep the words mostly hidden.
But I was proud and he was proud. This is more from a New York trip
these are the tickets. We went to the Met, you can’t see it. This is a little keychain thing
I got it Wheaton from the anime club. We went to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. We
saw an orchestra performance, went to Radio City, and this was like the
itinerary for the trip is it all behind it. Next to that is no coma photos of me
and my best friend since I was in like kindergarten. That’s when we were little
and, us when we were graduating high school. Behind that, you can’t see, is a very
simplified map of Barcelona and the map of a hotel that I say that when I was in
Barcelona on a school trip. And music from a song that the acapella group was
singing. I stole a piece of sheet music. Sue me. Just this thing dangling here is
a little wooden pig thing It’s a Chilean Idol. I was spending the
weekend with my cousin and we went to Boston for the day. And we stumbled
across this little shop that was like for magic and fantasy stuff and I saw
this thing and I was like “oh my cousin had— had gone to Chile before”
Actually this is the cousin over here. She had a work BBQ that same
weekend and you could take photos and make a little frame for the photo. So it’s me
with her, hanging out that day. That same cousin had gone to Chile
the year before I think, or two years before. So I saw this cute little pig
thing and that was like oh it’s Chilean so I HAD to get it. And had the check out
the cashier asked if I wanted some fairy dust on it, and I said yes because, you
know, I’m not a scrub. And it’s supposed to bring good luck, but I always leave it
here so… might be why I’m not very lucky. And some under all of this stuff about
the maps of Barcelonam is an actual photo of a place in Barcelona. The funny
thing is I didn’t take this photo. We do (did) the Science Fair every year at school,
and one of the things you can do is a ‘physics photo contest’. My physics teacher
was getting rid of the old submissions from people that had graduated and
didn’t pick up their projects, ever. It was like “I need to get rid of these, you
guys can take them if you want.” I flipped through a bunch of the photos and I saw
this one. I look at the back, and the person who took this photo was my
roommate on the Spain trip, and this is a photo of the beach in Spain near we were
staying! So I was like it’s **destiny** that I find this photo by her. So if you’re
watching this, dude: thanks for being a cool roommate! Yeah. And this is the beach
it was the uh (laur–ette) Lloret del Mar or (Your–ette) Del Mar. Our teacher kept
saying it/ calling it ‘(laur–ette)’ Del Mar but it has two L’s so I think he was
just pronouncing it wrong, cuz he doesn’t speak Spanish. Next to that we have
Steven universe stuff: a sticker from a friend, and a pin. And a pin from, what’s
the show called? He’s God of like death and stuff and he’s in the garbage can
because of that vine the ♪ “thanks for checking in. ♬ I’m still a piece of garbage!” ♫
But edited over him in the garbage can. So I had to get it. A sticker that
somebody gave me this VidCon. It’s a little David Bowie cat sorting out their
money in their life for things like food, and rent, and glitter.
The necessities in life. My college from a little box thing they gave me. Stuck that right onto a card
that my aunt gave me for when I graduated high school. It’s this a really
cool style of art where it’s like rolled up paper to give it the dimension and
everything. There’s more info about the art style on the back of the card but
I’m not taking this card down to look it up. Find it yourself if you want, or
I’ll put the info in the description if I find it later. Moving on. Some bracelets.
One that I got, one that I got in Spain, and this bracelet in the middle somebody
gave to my grandmother and then when she passed I got it. And it was just–
it fit here with these bracelets and these are just on
the wall so I can just reach out and grab one instead of having to rustle
through the mess of my drawers for whatever I want.
Same reason why this necklace is here but the Dolphins. Friendship necklace.
This friend and I like being weird, so we don’t get friendship /bracelets/, we get a
friendship necklace! Anyway behind these bracelets is a ticket to the Interactive
Introverts show that I saw with my other friend. First big YouTube thing I ever went to,
and then I went to VidCon twice in a year! Next to that is some tickets
just for movies, like the BBC Sherlock movie and for finding dory. So just fun
little memories could you know Pixar I saw with my dad. This (BBC) I saw with both of them because I showed them the Sherlock show and they really liked it. So my Christmas gift
that year was the box sets all three seasons, (up to that point) and tickets to
see the showing of Sherlock: The Abominable Bride. So that was super fun!
Thanks Mom and Dad! There are also other tickets before I had like for Frozen and
Big Hero Six but I threw those out forever ago. Here is a ticket to when my
friend Ali and I– that’s Ali. She hates getting her photo taken so I’m just
gonna keep zooming in on this photo of her so if she’s watching this, she can
just be annoyed. So we saw Wicked for her birthday once, that was super cool! This
is a little keychain of a donut she added that to one of my birthday presents
once. Next to that is some stuff for karate: the business card for the dojo that I go to, and the attendance cards that we fill out. So he will stamp them for each class
that you attend and then like you get them back when you move up a rank or
when you complete a card just to show like the dedication to the style and all
that stuff. I used these to help me get gym credits in school too. Because you need
4 gym credits to pass and they’re like “oh but you do karate, so you just have to
give us that [card(s)] at the end of senior year.” Down here is another Steven Universe pin of Cookie
Cat. A little, knit doll thing that Ali also got me That has this cool style that
reminds me of that stop motion animation “zero” from Zealous Creative. I’ll put a link
up in the thing. This is my name tag for when I did a little internship thing at the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary. I got a little badge for it so when I was walking around and
people were like “Oh are there any staff [here]?” I could be like “technically yes.”
“Which way back to the parking lot?” “That way! Or that way! That…” depends on where we were. That’s how directions work time is relative, so it’s location. Pins from Anime Boston: Team Mystic from Pokemon GO, mimikyu. Beauty and the Beast pin that Ali I
got me when she went to Disney once. Tag from where I got Dave and Buster’s. A
keychain from Aruba, also part of the Dutch Caribbean so it’s like a Dutch
style clothing on the girl? This is a ticket from a show that my roommate (and friend) did because she’s in the dance company at Wheaton. I kept more of the tickets, this is just the only
one that i snuck up on the wall. Photos a family (my sisters). Another thing from
Aruba just cuz we’re getting jewelry one time and they’re like “we have greeting
cards for free” my mom’s like “take one” and I was like
“okay why not?” Cuz I love Aruba. This is a drawing- it’s colored in from a camper.
When I was a CIT at a camp for a couple summers during high school. And this
camper wasn’t even in my group but she colored in this picture of Captain Hook
and she gave it to me. So I wanted to keep it; but it was really big and I
didn’t want to take up all the space, so I pull those up. Cuz this is the way she
gave it to me anyway, it was folded up. She had a good enough time that she wanted
me to keep her drawing… or coloring. Very good at coloring. Some drawings of
flowers I did at that same camp because it was raining once and we didn’t want
to do anything outside. So we were inside doodling, keeping the kids entertained.
I drew a flower, and another flower that I’m pretty proud of, and another flower but
I’m a little less proud of, but it’s still there. Art it’s fun. Put that up later.
This is like the itinerary from that trip to Spain, all below all this Spain
stuff. There’s some organized chaos in how I laid out my entire bulletin board.
More of the itinerary just about like “hey when you’re in other places, learn the
language a little bit and also don’t be rude.” Solid advice. Here we have
more Steven universe stuff from when I graduated high school. And it’s a card
and art by my friend Menna. Says “congrats… from your Jam-Bud.” Ruby and
Sapphire and Lapis, my favorite characters. It was a really thoughtful
card so I just had to hang it up. We were hanging out like a while after this
[my graduation] party, like a couple years after, and she was like “wow my art was so bad back then,” like the typical artist says. And I’m like “no dude, shut up. It’s great.”
This is from the wildlife sanctuary. Also over here is a photo of me trying to get rid
of a beaver dam that was flooding the entire path and walking area. It was a
problem. :ittle brochure from when I was working there. Some baking stuff: just a
recipe for monkey bread, thing from the Gingerbread Gactory. This is a photo of
me whitewater rafting in a couple summers. Behind that is a cardboard
cutout of the Canes Donuts thing ,cuz I don’t know aesthetic?? Next to that I have
a playbill when I saw “Aladdin The Musical” this summer with my friends. We
happened to go during Pride Month so we got the gay play bill, the ‘gay bill’.
Next to that is some pins from Radio City from when I did that. These are some
piping plovers. My family I go to Maine every year in the summer, and one year
there was a conservationist wildlife lady expert. She had to come in and check
to see how the nests we’re doing and make sure they weren’t disturbed. My mom and I walked with her for a little bit just to see. We didn’t see any piping plovers that day but she had this little postcard thing, so that was cool. Cute little memory. Oh this is when my parents and I went to DC. We saw a bunch
of things including Ford’s Theater and a lot of other cool places, just this is
one of the few tickets I decided to put up on the board because I was running
out of space. This is a ribbon from when me and two other people won the science
fair in tenth grade for chemistry. That was–that was a weird day. And then this
is a little mouse pad and bottle-opener thing that I got at college my freshman year. So that’s
something. Just all kinds of memories on this board. And one day I’m going to
take some of these down so this video is just like a little archive of some of
the things. So when I’m old and forgetting things I can be like “oh yeah
I vaguely remember the like 10th grade dance, or that little pig thing I
got in Boston, or my sisters!” I’m not gonna forget them lol.
“or that amazing card my friend made me, and all that other cool stuff.” So yeah
cool memories. Living in my life. I hope you enjoyed looking at my wall of memories
and random stuff. I have so many things that aren’t even like a big deal. why do I–
I have the Canes donut box logo thing on there like next to like ‘oh this
lovely beach at that time I went to Spain and had a cool roommate’ to ‘oh look
doughnuts!’ Oh wait no, it kinda ties into that the keychain
that Ali I got me of the donut that’s right… right there. Yeah.
There’s- there’s a composition to this. *sarcasm* It’s a work of art and memories and
whatever. Anyway I hope you enjoy this video about my life and my board. And I
hope you’re not bored! Um if you want to learn more about my life and stuff, for
some reason, maybe watch this video. Made a few videos like that so, go check them out! Bye *non copyright piano plays*

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