Breyer Roulette: 2016 Edition | Christmas Sherman Morgan & Glossy Arabians!

Hey dudes, what’s new? As you probably have noticed I am in some familiar surroundings. Yes, I am home in the States for a few weeks for the holidays, and while I was at it, Breyer obviously did on Christmas Day their new special thing where they have a Christmas special run which was of course the decorator Sherman Morgan. So we have them in Christmas red and green and also a gold Florentine. So have one of those guys here to open, and then they also did Collector Club appreciation again, which if you remember from last year they put in random models, random glossies, AQHA models and early 2016 regular runs. I did one of those and I’m getting either a glossy Cassette or a glossy Julien and Sophia. So before we start, kind of what I’m hoping for! I really do want one of the classic Christmas decorators, so red or green just because I’ve always known about the whole Christmas decorator legend for many years, and I always kind of wanted one of those. Then 2014 when I went to the Big Easy Bash one of the things that they had on display for us as possible things to be produced in the future were the red and green Five Gaiters, which I absolutely fell in love with. I didn’t end up getting Holly or Ivy last year just because… I don’t know, they just didn’t really speak to me for whatever reason. But I love Sherman Morgan, especially in decorator colors, so I bit this time and we’ll see what I end up with. As far as the Classics Arabians go, I’m fine with either one. I just want something. But if you allowed me to choose I would probably want Julien and Sophia, just because I love the Classics Arabian Foal especially. So enough chit-chat, let’s get started. Okay, so I’m ninety-five percent sure this is the Sherman Morgan just going by the green horses on the box. I did order a Classics Black Beauty with him as well, but I don’t believe that’s the Classics Arabian. So let’s see what’s inside this doohickey… Ooh! So we have the red one! I honestly don’t know who’s who, I know it’s like something, Frankincense and Myrrh but I’m not religious so I don’t know what any of those things are. Ooh, he is cool! He’s like… pearlescent underneath everything. Not just like a stark white even under the filigree. That is super neat! He’s so cool! Wow, I’m pleasantly surprised by this guy, honestly. They only made 350 of each color. You know what, I think I kind of want the green to go with him now. But then if I say I want the green to go with him then I’m going to want the gold to go with my Celebration from Breyerfest a couple years ago. So that is red Sherman Morgan decorator Christmas thing! Cool! Awesome! Yay! And now er move on to box number two, which will have the glossy Classics Arabian that has been chosen for me at random. Gift with purchase! And I gotta say, this looks pretty thin for a Cosette, so I think I know what I got but let’s just be sure. Oh. It is a Cosette. Well that’s awkward. But she is still very pretty! I might have said this before, but Cosette and Julien and Sophia I think are the best Classics that Breyer has produced in a very long time. Absolutely fabulous with gloss. So I’m still happy. I will just look for Julien and Sophia on the secondary market. I’m just happy to have glossy things because as you know I love my glossy things. So that is it for the 2016 Breyer roulette edition. We’ll see if i’m back here again next year with another installment, which I probably will be knowing Breyer.

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