Hey loves welcome back to my channel if you’re new, you’re definitely welcome if you can see in this tutorial we’re going to be doing the braidless crochet (excitedly laughing) I created this messy bun using the braidless crochet method but at the end of the day, I ended up making the bun a little bit smaller so, I added more bobby pins because I thought it was too big and then this is what I’m currently wearing like this is how it looks like at the moment and this is how I actually love it because it’s very tiny and is pretty cute and people asking me like your hair looking nice and all that and am like yeah, you know! if you like what you see please don’t forget to give me a big thumbs up, subscribe and share and without further or do let’s get right into the video so as usual, I’ll be starting off with my eco styler gel the main reason why I parted my hair into two like the front and the middle one which is the smaller one is because I really want the hair to be held down really tight. Remember it’s braidless! so there’s not going to be any cornrow or whatsoever so I need to make sure everything is pretty tight and this is one way you could get your gel right into your scalp like soaked into your hair so, basically that’s all I’m trying to do I already gelled the middle one and then I’m going to gel the other part of the hair and make sure your ponytail, your little bun that is the one I just packed up there make sure it’s as small as possible and make sure it’s also very tight at this point I’ll be tying down my hair with one of my random night wear shirts to hold down my hair and you could air dry it or blow dry it on low heat you could do this a day before like the night before you want to do the hair. I mean that’ll make things faster So, my hair is currently dry and then I’ll be using the bohemian crochet braiding hair which I’ve used in one of my previous videos I really like it, is really curly so I like it so now the main part of this is for you to be really really careful. So, you grab your crochet hook pass it through your natural hair I’m sorry this is a little bit blurry but I feel like I’ll be able to explain this hopefully. So, you put in your hair, clip it in and pass it through your hair you only need to knot this once as long as the ponytail is well secure like this is not going anywhere so you just knot this into your crochet hair like the normal way we do the crochet braids you know! So, you take the hair and you pass it through this little loop and then hold it tightly down to be secure you don’t want it too tight – just want it to be you know okay and held together so I’ll just show you guys how to do this with a couple more of this and yeah that’s basically all I kept doing around the whole bun just to cover up my little you know my little natural hair bun and just for you to look natural and look fluffy. You grab your hook, you grab your crochet hair, open and then you close this after putting the hair and pass it through your natural hair you pick the hair from the other side of your hand and pass it through the loop and we just need to knot this once and make sure it’s secure. So, I think it is as full as I actually want it right now and I am done going around but definitely I am not carrying this hair like this For it to look more natural because I’m going for messy bun I’ll be splitting this hair apart just you know to get it more scattered and even more like my natural hair that kind of stuff so right now I’m done splitting the hair and it’s time to create the bun as you can see, I am currently feeling myself (whoop whoop) so it’s time to create the bun I’ll just hold my hair you know just try to create something just go around go around until you think the shape is okay by you or the size or whatever So, I just basically went around that way just the normal way you make your bun go around go around go around and then I use my bobby pin to secure it down so this is the finish product, like I said I ended up making the bun a little bit smaller but yeah that’s basically what it looked like just keep getting it to your desired shape and that’s it I hope you guys really enjoyed this video and don’t forget to give me a big thumbs up and subscribe I’ll catch you all in my next video bye

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