(bigger is better) Triple crochet : Beginner Crochet Tutorial

Hi everyone and welcome back to fireCrochet
So you know how they say bigger isn’t always better?
They lied Sometimes a girl just needs more length!
What were you thinking about? So when a single or a double won’t do you
can always turn to the triple crochet The triple crochet is also known sometimes
as a treble but we’ll get to that in another video
The rule of threes is a tool often used in writing and comedy to build up tension and
build up tension and then release it! Seriously, what are you guys thinking about?
Anyway, 3 is a great number and 3 is the number that is great. Today. Because we’re talking
about triple crochet. I’m a poet. let’s get to it. let’s not stop it. let’s
Oh I blew it Alright so to begin your triple crochet you’re
going to make a foundation chain Your pattern will probably tell you exactly
how many chains you need to make But for the purposes of this video I’ve just
made well, a bunch So what we’re going to do to start off is
yarn over, twice! Ooh that’s fancy
You’re now gonna count down 1 2 3 4 5 chains from your hook and insert your hook into that
chain Yarn over again, pull it through
You now have 4 loops on your chain. No you don’t – you have 4 loops on your hook
Wow, I have to get better at that Now you’re going to yarn over again and pull
through the first two loops on your hook You will now be left with 3
Yarn over again, pull it through the next two
You now have 2 chains left on your hook Now yarn over and you guessed it, pull it
right through And that leaves you with your very first triple
crochet Aren’t you proud?
I’m certainly proud, or something Okay one more time
you’re gonna yarn over twice Go into the next chain
Yarn over, pull it through You have 4 loops
Yarn over, pull it through the first 2 You now have 3
Yarn over, pull it through the next 2 You now have 2 – finicky little thing
And now yarn over again, voila Triple crochet
So that is it my happy little hookers Please like, comment, subscribe, come back
every week I make videos, if you haven’t noticed, on
Tuesdays and Fridays and I’ll see you again soon

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