Beypore – the Land of boat-makers | Kerala Handicraft Village

Perhaps the biggest handicraft in the
world these Urus connect Beypore in Kozhikode to the glorious days of the
spice trade in Kerala The shores of Beypore located on the northern coast of Kerala carries a secret that is only known to them Uru or Dhow was a traditional Arabian
trading vessel associated with the shipbuilding culture of Kerala and the art and science of making these
ships are only known to the craftsmen of Beypore. Urus constructed here were much in demand among the merchants of the Middle East the craftsmanship of the workers here is exceptional Unlike modern-day shipbuilding rural
making is an undocumented process everything is framed in the minds of the
shipwrights who as a team execute the highly intricate woodwork to perfection Khalasis or Mappila Khalasis the highly skilled laborers of Malabar play a major role in Uru making. Normally the hull of the vessel is brought to water before constructing the upper body In uru making the entire ship construction is completed on shore and only the finished product touches the
water by Khalasis with the help of ancient pulley wheel mechanism Beypore which is around 28 kilometers
from Calicut International Airport plan your next trip to Kerala and visit
Beypore enjoy this incredible spectacle.

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