Bernina 710 63 Satin Stitch Applique

For satin stitch appliqué, you actually have
a stitch built into this machine. Go ahead and go to your decorative stitch menu, arrow
down to the next page, and go into the quilting menu starting at 1324. Arrow down and 1354 is actually a satin stitch,
ready to go. It starts off at a width of 2.5 millimeters wide, which you might like to
alter based on how big your piece is. You’re going around, kind of make it proportioned
to the size, and it actually tells you foot 20D, which I’ve gone ahead and put on the
machine, engaged the dual feed. The benefit of this foot, here, let me show
you, is actually that, underneath here, there is a cutout, a groove, so as that satin stitch
forms, it doesn’t get hung up on the back of the foot. It has a perfect place to go
smoothly out the back side. Go ahead and put it back on. Another thing
that I sometimes like to do is actually use my needle position here and move it all the
way over to the far right side, so that means that I can use the inside of my toe, kind
of like right justified, find the stitch that I can use it as a guide down the raw edge
of my fabric. As I start to stitch, what I’m going to do
is just go ahead and test out the settings here. Also, with your fabric, depending on
what your layers are, this happens to be a piece of batting and two pieces of fabric,
so I do have some stability here. But if you’re just doing one piece of fabric to another
piece of fabric, you do need to put a piece of tear-away stabilizer underneath. One layer
should be enough, then you can tear away. It won’t be seen later. I’m going to make
this a little bit wider because it definitely a little narrow for what I’m thinking here. As I stitch along, and then again, depending
on your thread thickness, you’ll definitely want to adjust the stitch length so if it’s
too loose or too tight, definitely find what works for you. I’m just going to sew a little bit here so
you can see. We’ll cut the thread. You can use the security stitch to lock it, but, look
how pretty that edge is when you’re actually sewing it down. This edge, first it was a
raw edge, but, once it is satin stitched, that edge will never come undone, and it will
be secure through washings and wearings. Just work with the satin stitch width and
length to get the perfect result for your shape you’re appliquéing.

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