Bernina 550 58 Blanket Stitch Applique

A blanket stitch is something every culture
wants. Stitch number 13-29 and 13-30 are blanket stitches built into your machine. As we pick
them … 13-29 … one thing that I like to do is I like to actually set this up so the
needle position is actually in the far right needle position. Now, once you go ahead and
move that all the way over, you’ll be able to use the inside of the open toe foot as
a guide. Now to be able to see that as a setting, that
always comes up, touch OK. That will memorize that setting. If you like it a little bit
wider or a little longer, you also could set that and touch OK. It will remember that.
That means once you turn it off and then turn it back on and come back to this stitch, it’s
right where you left it. Love that. Let’s go ahead and play with this stitch a
little bit. Once you start this again, line up on the inside of the right toe. We’ll zoom
in here so you can see. There we go. Part of this stitch is actually learning the rhythm,
that it goes forward and then it jumps in for a bite. As it jumps in, you want to stop
with the needle in the down position. I’m going to go ahead and set that. Now every
time I stop, I can use the … it will stop. If you stop on the inside, you don’t want
to pivot here, because that’s going to open up that little stitch that came in. You want
to wait till you’re on the outside edge for pivoting. Use your [presser foot lector 01:27],
just doesn’t work for me right here where the camera is. But I use that all the time,
that way my hands are always on my fabric, easily adjusting as I go. Usually people will just tend to turn this
really, really fast, which is OK. But look, as I get to a sharper curve, that’s not really
going to be conducive. You’re going to need to stop and actually make that little pivot
point. Another thing for size in this, the stitch width and length, it does kind of need
to be in proportion to the item you’re going around. If you’re going around something really
small, like a little berry, you’re going to want to adjust this down maybe for a stitch
length of 1.5 and a stitch width of 1.5. I tend to keep this nice in proportion; the
width is the same as the length. Kind of keeps it like a little box going around here. OK,
here’s where we need to start practically every time I take a stitch, do a little pivot.
So you keep those little bites perfectly perpendicular to the edge of your fabric there. All right,
as we keep on going … Now, if I switch over to stitch number 13-30,
OK, I’m going to move that needle position once again, touch OK so that’s actually part
of my memory here. This stitch is going to provide us with a much heavier-looking blanket
stitch. The only thing here is you really do need to watch. You don’t want to actually
do any pivoting when it’s in that backward swing, as it’s going back and forth. So again, find the little dance that it does
– in, out, in, out, and then forward, back, forward, back, and then down. Again, find
where you want to do the pivoting. That’s right before it either starts going forward
or right after it ends. That’s when you can pivot, and then you can work your way around. Let me show you what this is going to look
like here. OK, once you’re done, you can go ahead and pull that out. We have a nice, beautiful
thicker satin sti- … not satin stitch, blanket stitch as we go around. Now, just to note
about a blanket stitch, because this is a raw edge, over time this is something that
isn’t probably going to stay as pretty. Keep in mind if you’re doing raw edge applique
with this stitch, do it on something that’s not going to get washed on a daily basis,
that might be for a child. But if it’s something decorative, it’s seasonal,
it’s out once a year, no big deal. You don’t have to worry about turning in under those
edges. But if it is going to be something for an item again that’s going to be washed
heavily, I would take the time to do one of the techniques where you end up turning these
edges under, so there’s no raw edge. It is a finished edge, and still do this stitch
all the way around it. It’ll still look really pretty, but it will last the test of time.

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  • Great video Sara!  You do a great job of explaining and the tips given are so beneficial and helpful!  Thanks for great videos! 

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