Bernette Seville 26 Satin Stitch Applique

For satin stitch appliques, select the desired
zigzag width and then adjust the stitch length down to the buttonhole range, so in between
0 and 1. Once you get started, you’ll notice that you’ll figure out where to guide your
fabric based on where the swing of the needle is. You want it so that the needle will swing
and land just outside the raw edge. Now, I also want to bring this swing stitch close
enough that it provides us with a nice closed stitch and I like to get it really close.
Let’s just go a little bit further and I’ll show you what the difference is. I’m just
watching right down where the needle is, the stitching, and really finding what looks best.
You do want to give your fabric some stability, so some tearaway stabilizer, that always makes
a difference. Take a look at the difference when I shorten the stitch length. Starting
out here, it’s OK, nothing great, but as soon as I got that closer and closer together,
it starts to look really nice. You’re going to find that if you just stitch all the way
around the raw edge, this is going to withstand washings, wearings, loves from small children,
and that edge will never come undone.

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