Bernette London 5 29 Blanket Stitch Applique

Blanket stitch number 15 is a great way to
go around applique pieces, make it look like you’ve sewed it by hand but the stitch is
going to do all the work for you. What you want for a stitch width is somewhere
proportion to the size of piece your appliqueing down. If it’s really small like a tiny berry
make it so width isn’t more than two and the length is two. Something a little bit bigger,
I sometimes take the width to three and the length to three that keeps the little box
to be fairly symmetrical, the same length as it is wide. Now as you guide it, what you want to do is
guide the fabric so the needle as it’s stitching forward pretty much goes next to the raw edge.
It’s actually on the base fabric here. Now I’m right around kind of going where the heart
is so I’m going to need to take a few stitches and then stop on the right side. Sink the
needle down and pivot your fabric just a little bit so if you can’t turn it because it’s too
tight of a curve you need to stop about every stitch or two to really get it a nice little
turn. There we go, needle down and keep on going. A lot of mechanical machines don’t actually
have a blanket stitch in them so for this one to actually have this stitch is actually
really nice. I’m just going to work my way and then that’s really the key about blanket
stitches is working to right where you want it to go, I’m pivoting right down through
the middle of the heart here. I’ll take a few more stitches and then we’ll show you
what we’re doing. You can also purchase an open toe foot so
you can really see where you’re going. I mean I’m just looking down through where the needle’s
going to give it the best guiding as I can. Let’s go ahead and we’ll pull that out and
let you see how that looks. I really like the proportion that this gave us around this
particular size of applique. As I worked around here, I stopped, pivoted always on that outside
edge and then I sunk the needle right down into the little tip of the heart, turned it,
took one stitch in and one stitch out and then continued on. That’s how easy it is to
do a blanket stitch applique.

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