Bernette London 5 28 Satin Stitch Applique

To do satin stitch applique, switch your foot
over to the satin stitch foot. It’s the foot that has the little cutout on the backside
here where the satin stitch can form but be able to slide right out of the back of the
foot without getting hung up on your fabric. I’ve got a little batting and fabric sandwich
going on here, but if you were just doing it on regular fabric, put a layer of tearaway
stabilizer behind it. Set your zigzag between 2, 3, 4 width, and
then shorten your stitch length between 0 and 1. That’s the buttonhole setting. Then,
I actually would reduce my tension down to about 3, and then as you take the stitches
and you’re testing it out, see if you can align the needle, the needle on the right
as it swings to gently go off the edge of your fabric, and then shorten the stitch length
close enough so your zigzag really is close together there. We’ll do a little test sample
here. You shouldn’t have to push the fabric through, but if the fabric is not moving,
just make the stitch length a little bit longer. I’m seeing if I can get this even closer.
See how we do here. We’ll just sew around the edge. If you need to stop and turn a corner, you
want the needle to be on the outside edge, so swing the needle to the outside, sink it
in, and then you can lift it and pivot as you need to go. I’m going to go all the way
down to the little corner of this heart, just enough so we go off the edge, and then we’re
going to stop with the needle on the right side, twist. Oh, yeah. That’s looking really
good. The closer you can get it, the better as you go. Oop. I kind of piled up, so I have
my stitches a little close together there. You’re just going to have to find that happy
medium so you don’t actually get hung up, and that is how you do the satin stitch.

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