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The three day stubble
beard is a great way to get that manly rugged style
without growing a full beard. So what’s the difference between that
guy looks like he forgot to shave and the one sporting
that killer stubble? It’s all about using the right tools
to get a natural, well-groomed look. Grab a tool the trims, shaves, and
defines, like the Gillette STYLER. Grow your stubble out for a few days. Now it’s time to trim, otherwise
stubble can become patchy and look like you were well, too lazy to shave. The STYLER has four levels
of trimming, so experiment to find your stubble sweet spot. Go over your beard with the trimmer
to create that nice, even look. Remove the attachment comb
and trim along the edges of your beard to give it shape. Next, it’s time to clean the
look up with some shaving. Use a gel to help increase glide
and protect against razor burn. Before shaving, check
the indicator strip. If it’s faded or if the blade
feels dull it’s time for a new one. Now shave away any rogue hairs. Don’t forget to rinse the blades often. If your stubble grows
high up on your cheeks, shave it just below your cheekbone
parallel to your jaw line, and don’t forget any stragglers on
your neck or below your Adam’s apple. Reapply shave gel as you go. Last, it’s time to define. Use the precision trimmer on
the back to tighten those lines and shape the beard along
the cheeks and sideburns, and to reach tricky areas
such as under your nose. Rinse your face with
cool water and towel off. Rub in a hydrating aftershave
to replenish moisture and soothe your skin. Remember, repeat these steps every
two to four days to maintain the look. Nice. Now you’re looking rugged with style. For more tips, watch these videos. Subscribe to the channel to
find out when we add new ones and tell us your tips for getting
that perfect stubble in the comments.

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