Basket Loop Stitch Knitting Pattern 💖 Easy Knit + Purl

THE BASKET LOOP KNIT STITCH. Hi, I’m Kristen, and welcome back to my channel STUDIO KNIT This basket loop stitch
knitting pattern creates a textured illusion of looping interwoven rings
atop a background of vertical pillars it’s a 14 row repeat stitch and this is
not a reversible pattern because when we look at the back or the wrong side of
our work you’ll see that it’s not an identical design on this side the basket
loop stitch pattern and texture is shown on the front of our work also known as
the right side it looked really complex but it’s just a simple combination of
knits and pearls as always if you’re interested in knitting this pattern
please like up this video it really helps me out you’ll definitely need the
written instructions so I have everything totally for free on my
website studio knit I will have the link in the description
below this pattern is also included in my new knit stitch pattern book both in
print and a digital ebook so you’ll find it down in the section 12
to 16 row repeat since it is a 14 row repeat and you’ll find it on pages 55
and 56 you’ll see that you have the flat on straight needles instructions on one
side and that I’m also including how to knit it in the round on circular needles
this would be a great looking hat and if you’re comfortable reading knitting
charts I also have that visually laid out for you as well for your materials
just get any size yarn and appropriately sized knitting needles you’ll also want
to have scissors and a tapestry needle on hand so let’s knit it up to begin we
are casting on multiples of 16 stitches so I have six
ten stitches right here and you continue knitting multiples of 16 until you have
the width that you desire on your knitting needle now looking at Row 1 its
K 5 P 6 K 5 so in between the asterisks that means you repeat between the
asterisks those little stars so you’re knitting 5 stitches and then you’re
bringing your yarn to the front to purl 6 stitches and finishing up by knitting
5 stitches you repeat this pattern for every multiple of 16 that you have cast
on your needle now since this is a whopping 14 rows and all we’re doing is
knitting and purling I am NOT going to sit here and have you watch every single
knit and purl so I have the written instructions on the screen right here in
the video if you’d like to pause it and get your written instructions from the
video that totally works and let’s stop to admire our work you can see how the
first four rows in the multiple of 16 is knitting up and let’s look at it here
when I have two multiples of 16 exactly how the design starts to fit together I
just started on a larger swatch as well I’m using three repeats of the multiples
of 16 because the width is longer than most of my knitting needles I am using a
circular knitting needle and I’m just knitting it flat next we have rows 5 6 7
& 8 again just series of knits and pearls and between those asterisks you
repeat it for each multiple of 16 on your needle and at this point the design
is really starting to shape up you can see that we have this little nice purl
loop forming and on top of that is a nice smooth
swatch of stockinette stitch and with two multiples of 16 this is how the
design is coming together lastly we have rows nine ten eleven twelve thirteen and
fourteen so you’ll be knitting and purling on all fourteen rows and that is
the end of the entire design so here’s our completed swatch with casting on
sixteen stitches and knitting up fourteen rows and then when you do
multiples of 16 the pattern really fits together with those loops and I think
it’s just a really visually interesting design and let’s take a look again at
how it knits up when we use three repeats of our 16 stitches that we cast
on I hope you are inspired to knit up this basket loop knit stitch pattern
thank you so much for watching I have a lot of great knit stitch patterns you’re
going to love as well and I will see you here next time BYE!

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