ASARBOLSEM : Mujeres y artesanía / Femmes et artisanat / Women and handicraft

So we are here at the “Expone La Paz” fair. Antonia Rodriguez, President of ASARBOLSEM We are always conducting coordination and support work with everyone. For us, CECI’s work is quite good, as we really need to support young people in every possible way. We should be buying our own products, the products that are really made by Bolivians. We are doing promotional work in order to get to the heart of our clients and really share with them what we do. ASARBOLSEM is working with crafts in order to share with our brothers and sisters, these people who craft the products for sale, and we want to touch the heart of our consumers with our products. All this is done by the hands of Bolivians, and when I see the young people who are selling these products, I see it is truly an enterprise of young people, women and men. That is why ASARBOLSEM has the “Quita Pegas” (Alleviate Work) group, because they are producing, working and offering the products to reach the heart of the consumers. Melania Zaraté, President of Quita Pegas : I am a member of the ASARBOLSEM Association, and I am part of the Quita Pegas group as the president. We are daughters of the women members who have been working with ASARBOLSEM for many years. So why the name Quita Pegas? Because somehow we were helping our mothers by knitting and making clothes, alleviating their workload. We started realizing, with Doña Antonia, that we were creating an initiative, so we decided to create the Quita Pegas group, inviting other young women, daughters of members from other regions, from the cities of El Alto, Achocalla, La Paz and all of Bolivia. All these people have been invited and we came up with the name of Quita Pegas because we alleviated the work of our mothers, somewhat helping them earn a little more for the garments crafted. For us, this work is truly enjoyable and of great help, which is why we like it so much. In a way, every time we finish a garment or deliver a product, we feel satisfied because we are producing, we are transforming and we are adding value to the alpaca wool or sheep or llama fibre. I think that the most difficult thing to do with these products is to produce something of quality, a custom-made product, and above all a product that gives satisfaction to the customer, because these export products are crafted to make our customers happy, feeling grateful and warm with these garments we make. We can export because we make quality products that make our customers happy.

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