Aryanad Village : Sculpting Magnificient Elephant Figurines | Kerala Handicraft Villlage

Noted for its gifted artisans and their
penchant for sculpting magnificent elephant figurines.
It is the village of Aryanad. Handcrafted in Rosewood these jumbo
figurines can be as tiny as your index finger or as imposing as a real-life
elephant! The village with its rich legacy of
crafting remarkable pieces of elephants has earned itself a significant place in
the tourist map, so much so that foreigners often arrive in large numbers
to witness this highly impressive artwork. The unparalleled craftsmanship of these
artisans is reflected in each wood work and they make for ideal pieces of souvenirs from Kerala. One of the intriguing aspects is that no machine work is involved at any stage and all work is done by hand. One can visit the
sculpting studios in Aryanad to watch the craftsmanship behind these artworks
and can even make a purchase. With a history spanning more than five decades of first-rate wood work and the finest of artisans Aryanad has woven itself
firmly into the vibrant culture scape of Kerala. Visitors may Club a visit to Aryanad which is located some 26 kilometers away from the city Thiruvananthapuram with other tourist attractions such as the hill station Ponmudi and the Koyikkal Palace which is noted for its folklore Museum and
antique and numismatic collections

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