Aruna Mandal Talks about Her during MUKTI Handicraft Exhibition 2018

What are you selling here today? I am selling Jute Dolls and various homemade ornaments Where from you learnt these to make? MUKTI arranged me the training for 3 months. Chanchal Sir came here and trained me on how to make these dolls and ornaments. . Where all you taking these to sale? I take these to different fairs arranged either by locals or by Government, such as ‘Sabala Mela’ etc. Went to Diamond Harbor to participate in one of such fairs. How was the sale when you went to Diamond Harbor fair? It was good! Do you really able to earn money out of this? Yes, I see there is profit. Where from you get the raw materials? Usually we go to Barabazar, Canning Street to procure the raw materials. Do you want to learn more this type of works? I do want to take few more training. If MUKTI helps me to take part more such training, that will be really helpful. How does this income help you? Yes, this is helping me. I was able to stand beside my family as earning member and helped me a lot to solve part of our economic poor condition. How much you income monthly or does it really gives you profit after all expenditures? Yes, it gave me good profit. Good. Very good. What is your name? My name is Aruna Mondal Aruna Mondal!

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