Artisans at the Museum Store: The Ancient Technique of Chainmaking

These are all examples of ancient chains. You’ll see a lot of these types of chains
in ancient jewelry displays, like at the Metroplotian Museum of Art or the Princeton University Art
Museum has samples.There are different names and they’re made differently with different
size wires, and the size of the wire, as opposed to the size of the dowel, will give you a
different size jump ring, so each chain kind of has its own formula of what wire size to
dowel size you are going to use to make your links. I love the fact that you can go to the Victoria
& Albert Museum, or the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or the Princeton University Art Museum,
and you’ll see this work there, you’ll see the chains, you’ll see the granulation, and
it’s such a nice sense of being able to bring the past into the present and hopefully
the future.

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