Arm knitting tutorial

Hello, welcome to Craft Corner with Meg. I am Meg, and I’m going to show you
how to make a arm-knitting scarf. Sorry if you don’t have two arms.
You’ll never know how to knit. It’s good to preferably have something that’s
really chunky, maybe even several different strands
of yarn. This is what I’m going to use.
Make a tail end. So, you want it to be roughly six arm lengths.
Just ripped it… Five, six… whoa… so, that’s good. (laughing)
Then you create a slip knot. So you take it, make a loop,
go around, and up through.
So it’s kind of like tying your shoes, you make the bunny ear,
and it goes through the hole. That same idea. Once you have that done,
you put it on your wrist, and you’re ready to start!
You have your tail end you’ve created, and the end that is connected to the balls
of yarn. You loop the end that’s connected to your
balls of yarn around your thumb, like that
and you also loop the tail end around your index finger, like this.
And it creates a somewhat of a slingshot-type feel.
You take your right hand, and stick your fingers under the hole,
like that, and then OVER this part,
like that, and go back through.
And that is about the trickiest part of this whole knitting experience.
Once you get the hang of that, then this will be the easiest thing ever.
So you do it again: you go UNDER the yarn by your thumb
OVER the yarn by your index fringer… finger, and through and up.
So there, we have three little sections. We will make ten.
Once you get the hang of this, and you make a bunch of scarves, you can play around with
how many. So once you have ten, and you’ve got them
all on your wrist, you’re ready to start the actual knitting
part. So, you’re going to take the yarn that’s connected
to the balls of yarn, and hold it in your right hand.
You’re going to take this loop, loop it off of your wrist,
and you’ll get something like that, and then put it on your left wrist.
And then you’re going to hold it again, and you’re going to repeat it for every single
loop. Just switching it over onto your left wrist.
Keep doing that until they’re all on your left wrist.
Now that it’s all on your left wrist, you can see
that it’s starting to make the knitting pattern. So you’re just going to repeat the same thing,
replacing it back onto your right wrist, and then you’re just going to
keep doing that for about half an hour and then you’ll have your scarf.
So, hold the yarn that’s connected to the balls of yarn in your left hand this time,
and you’re just gonna exchange it back on to your right hand.
Keep doing that until they’re all back on your right hand.
Once you are done, and you want to get it off of your arms,
go like this, and you’re gonna make two loops,
two, and then you’re going to take this loop, and
loop it over, and then you’re going to drop it.
And you’re going to do that for the rest until they’re all off.
Loop it over, ugh. Now that you’ve reached the end, you want
to attach the two ends together to create the infinity scarf.
So you’re going to take the tail end that you created in the beginning, and start kind
of weaving it together. So you take your scissors
and cut the ends off, and there you have your scarf!
You can try it on (pressroll)
(cymbal!) And there you have it: a nice big, chunky
scarf you can wear in the wintertime. Thanks for watching. Good luck!
Sung: Craft Corner with Meg!

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