Aranmula Heritage Village: Crafting Ethnic Mirrors | Kerala Handicraft Village

There is a picturesque little village in
Kerala that keeps alive the charm of ancient Indian metallurgical tradition and artistic legacy THE ARANMULA HERITAGE VILLAGE This pretty hamlet is famed for its gifted artisans who craft a unique mirror known across the world for its brilliant craftsmanship and charm. The Aranmula Kannadi, a handmade metal alloy mirror the GI tagged Aranmula Kannadi figures among one of the most sought-after souvenirs from Kerala The village has earned itself an identity having crafted this unique work of art so much so that even the mere mention of
Aranmula conjures up images of intricately crafted metal mirrors. The artisans here have been involved in crafting this wonder of a mirror since the past several hundred years. No where in the world can one see such a rare craftsmanship using metallic combinations and this has catapulted the
scenic village into the tourist map This ethnic mirror is nothing short of a
marvel. One of the factors that set Aranmula Kannadi apart from other glass mirrors is that this metallic mirror has no refraction. Make a visit to Aranmula and witness the ingenuity behind this
masterpiece One may club visit to Aranmula with
other tourist attractions such as Aranmula Parthasarathi temple, Vasu Vidya Gurukulam and the hill station, Gavi. The place is also known for the Aranmula boat race which is the pageantry of snake boats held during the Onam

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