applique ces 2 ingredients sur ton corps ca va ,tendre , resserer …naturellement la peau

I have repeatedly spoken to you
petroleum jelly yes by the way I was a video explicitly
dedicated for your bust yes I was showing the girls start to get tough
have a generous chest for put it all together I made a video
on that but today I’m coming back in this new video in combination
with alum stone the alum stone will simply allow
to tighten the pores of the skin to firm the skin, to lift up and well
on to give more elasticity more strength
and more health to your chest now how you should prepare
that know that you must have your alum stone powder
if you don’t have powder 1 there you can simply
crush it, either with stone, with blenderc is quite simple you will see
for those who really can’t leave a little melt in a few crumbs of water
, I told you that petroleum jelly also hydrated to protect from
firm to nourish the skin, if you ever have any problems with your skin don’t hesitate
no and of course like I you say I take you some petroleum jelly
the very very very good quality and for this preparation my love you will have
just need a spoon of petroleum jelly as you can see a little
little alum stone very small in very small
quantities like you can see it because you don’t need
more than that for this recipe alum stone combined with petroleum jelly
it’s just something exceptional for your body and you will
see the results almost immediately my loves which you can
see the mix and what it looks like it immediately changes colors and then
when you go to apply it sent it becomes all white all white
all white it’s good you can apply it while you apply you can
feel the difference you feel already how to make an effect, to refresh
, to close solidify all that is completely normal
which you apply you let ask for about an hour then
you do this two at three times a week my loves no more
that’s because it’s not necessary once you’ve done that
at the end d a month normally you will see a difference
whether at the level of sagging, even at the waist
you will have grown in size too my loves so this is what I wanted
tell you, in this new video and of course as i always tell you
respect certain instructions when you do if you’re done
three times don’t make me ten times practical advice some advice that I apply
for myself avoid them extreme regimes know that a head of
extremely weight drastic in a short period of time can have
dramatic consequences I follow your body, skin of your body yes
now to take advantage of the swimming pool this is an excellent exercise which
helps to firm the skin, playing sports without wearing supports
gorges, a lot many women make this mistake it is alas
I do not know why make a habit of drinking a large amount
of water a day will you allow to hydrate your skin yes and do
you are not directly exposing yourself to sun when it is hot girls like
show themselves well with their pretty neckline no it’s like flowers
are getting wither easily and it’s going to be it’s just going to
resulted in loss of elasticity of your skin by applying
of course sunscreen if you really really want to exhibit your parts
in the sun and of course for those and those who smoke drink who take drugs, you
must you stop everything at least take as little as possible make sure to correct
your posture to avoid sagging of your chest of course
you always have to stand straight walk straight to avoid all this wear
bras we won’t say never enough if you want us to stand up straight
you have to fight gravity scope of push ups for dedicated supports
appropriate mode for your size okay even if you go out you
go jogging anything put outfits accordingly if you
are overweight losing excess weight will allow everything
simply sagging but don’t worry if you do
some toning exercises will come back can also tried yoga
and eat healthy food of course with essential nutrients like minerals
mineral vitamins carbohydrates and essential fatty acids
which are necessary to firm the skins so there you are thank you
to have watched this video until the end see you soon for a
new video of course if you have any love questions in the comments
do not hesitate go kisses kisses I you say see you very soon take care of
you by then and know that i carry you in my heart

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