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How to Make a Utility Box from Plastic Bottle This is an easy Best out of waste plastic bottle craft that you can make at home If you are looking for recycled plastic bottle craft then this is the best craft for you! Things You Need… Plastic Bottle, Bag Zip, Cutter, Scissors, Stapler Decorative Beads, Decorative Tape, Bead, Lace, Decorative Lace &Pearls, Glue Gun Take a plastic bottle and cut out the upper and lower portion of it as shown. Take a bag zip and fix it on the cut out portions as shown Decorate the utility container with lace as shown here. Use a decorative tape on the inner edges of this arrangement. Decorate further using decorative ribbons and laces as shown. Paste a decorative stone on the lid. Use golden pearls to decorate the container. Paste white beads on the container to make it look even more attractive. Wow!! your beautiful plastic container for storage is now ready. Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!

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