Altering Halloween Ornaments from Dollar Tree

hi guys this is Debbie and welcome back
to my channel if you’re new here thank you so much for dropping by today’s
project is going to be some Halloween ornaments that I did some altering on
from some Dollar Tree wood veneer ornaments to start off with I’m using
some some acrylic paint that I also picked up at the Dollar Tree and I’m
just using a palette knife to spread that over my ornaments I did do some
ghosts and some have so much hats the witch hats are going to be in purple and
then the ghosts are did in white one thing I would change is I probably would
put some gesso on here before it I did go through with it kind of a heavy coat
so it took a while for it to dry afterwards and the enamel the acrylic
paint that I picked up kind of wound up being a little bit plasticky a rubbery
once it got done but it still looks pretty once everything’s finished up so
next what I did is I grabbed one of my stencils this is one from hero arts and
I’m going to stencil some stars over the witch hats I’m using two different paths
for this one of them is from Nouveau and all this down below in the description
what the different ones were I love the way that those came out but the glitter
paste from Nouveau that I use does come through thicker and it is a little bit
harder to work with the one from Brea is a lot smoother but their end result is
in my opinion just not quite as pretty I’m gonna sit back and let you guys
watch as I put on that on pay so you can see what I did and I’ll be back in a
minute for the ghosts I’m adding triple-thick
all over those and then I’m going to be sprinkling on some diamond dusts I think
what I would do next time when I’m using the triple thick I haven’t used it
before so that kind of experimenting and showing you how it turned out from those
experiments but I think I would have instead of doing like this and letting
it kind of flow down and helping it along I probably would have just covered
the whole thing and let it do its own thing this is a product that does do
some self leveling so that’s fantastic but I’m impatient I want to get all of
them done and get them done quickly so I’m basically forcing it to where I want
to go does MIT wind up creating a thinner layer and maybe that’s a better
way to do it I haven’t decided I am going to try it again in the future
probably on some Christmas ornaments and see how it does when I’m not forcing it
along you see here I’m using my palette knife to get it to go flow over to the
edges once the excuse me once the triple-thick is on there I’m
going to just sprinkle some diamond dust on there you do have to be a little a
little careful when it comes to Diamond deaths because when I was reading up on
it I found out that it’s actually tiny shards of glass so you can’t kind of get
a little bit of a splinter but I would say just be be cautious and I’ll let
everything dry completely and it does stay on really really well and these
just turned out gorgeous I don’t know how it would look if I did the triple
thick over the diamond dust but like that’s an idea I may try that later as
well so for all of the ornaments in between each step I am letting
everything dry completely so this did take several days to get all of these
done which may count for part of my Oh impatience but I love the way that they
turned out so the little ghosts are all glittery and sparkling and I love the
way the diamond dust looks on there so I am going to be using that more in the
future too once everything was dry I cleaned out
the holes with a craft knife and added a ribbon to the ghosts for the for the
witch’s house I did do a little bit more I added a thin layer of the triple thick
let that dry and then also added a ribbon to the top of that I hope you
enjoyed my video and remember if I can make it you can too thank you so much
for stopping by and have a wonderful day

2 thoughts on “Altering Halloween Ornaments from Dollar Tree

  • These were so fun to try out. I'll have to do some more experimenting with these cute veneers from Dollar Tree. They turned out super cute… and I saw more are out for Christmas!

  • I didn't know they sold wooden shapes. I love altering stuff. I definitely have to get these. Lol. Great video ty

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