AllnOne Loom | Mock Crochet – Diamond Lace Stitch (Figure 8) Clockwise

– [Kristen] In today’s video, we are going to be working the diamond lace
stitch (in-the-round), also called the
figure-eight stitch. This is a pattern that
mimics a mock crochet. It looks a little bit
like a crochet stitch. It can either be really
nice and tight like this, or you can even get
something with a larger gauge and making something
that’s really airy. These two were made
on different looms, but with the same yarn. You can see the difference
in the stitches here, but this is what the
stitch actually looks like when it’s opened up. We’re gonna go ahead and just
work on this stitch here. (jazzy piano music) Welcome to GoodKnit Kisses. We’re all about helping
you stitch your love and love your stitches. To make the figure-eight stitch, you will need a multiple
of two stitches. I’ve already got
that cast on here. For that video,
be sure and click down in the link below
in order to learn how to cast on. For this particular stitch, I like to do a
knit one, purl one when working in the round. It has a really
pretty, clean edge. It just compliments
this stitch well. You don’t have to
start that way, however, that is how
I’m going to start. Go ahead and do a round. You’re going to knit. Just work your
yarn over the front of that first stitch. Lift up and over and then go to the next stitch, and you’re going to purl. In this case, I’m
gonna take my two here that are together because
I did a chain cast on. You can see it in
that previous video. I’m just going to go
down through there and then scoop up this
yarn, all the way up. Lift that off of the peg and then put it back down. Then we’re gonna go around again with knit one, purl one. We put our yarn, go around
the front of that peg, and knit it. This is a U-wrap. Then we’re gonna
purl this next one just like normal. We knit one, purl one
all the way around. Pause your video. Maybe back up when you’ve
done your last stitch, and this one should
be a purl stitch. See you soon. So you finished your
one-by-one ribbing and we can start right
into the main stitch. If you want to continue
with the one-by-one ribbing, you can have a nice
long brim that continues versus something like
this where it would go in. In this case, I’m just
gonna go straight on. This is with the one-by-one, and then the rest of this hat is all the same
particular stitch. I’m gonna take my working yarn. We’re gonna go around the
back of the second peg and then wrap that second peg. Go around the front of that, and then we’re gonna
come to the back of peg one and wrap that. We’ve done a
figure-eight stitch. Then we lift up and
over on our first peg and our second peg and knit that stitch. We’re going to work
on our next pair. We’re gonna go around
the back of peg two, and around peg three, and around the
front of peg three. Then we go behind peg two again and then around in the front. It makes this figure-eight. We’re gonna go around like that. We should have one loop
on each of these pegs. We’re just gonna
knit up and over. If you notice, our second peg has gotten worked two times already. The first peg has only
gotten worked once. Every peg all the way around will get worked two times. The first peg will get
worked one more time when we go on to
make our next round, so everything will be even. That’s it; that’s
all you need to know. You’re just gonna
continue going around, making a figure-eight, lifting up and over, and you’re good to go on
the figure-eight stitch, or diamond lace stitch, which is also the mock crochet. Sorry for all the
confusing words, but (laughs) lots of people
call it different things. Just continue working around. Maybe back up at this last part and I’ll show you what I
mean about that first stitch. See you soon. I’ve got my last stitch here. I’m knitting this one over, and it was wrapping
the very last stitch. But my yarn needs to
work that stitch again, so we’re gonna go back around and go around the last
stitch and the first one. We’ve got a figure-eight, and now the last stitch
has been worked twice. This first stitch, or first peg, has been worked a second time because you worked
it the first time when you began the round. That actually completes
one full round around. Continue working on your hat for as long as the
length that you want or your pattern calls for. If you would like to
work the Boyfriend Hat, we will have a link down below to start working on that. We will have a
decreased crown video that will be coming up,
so stay tuned for that. Be sure and click on
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when they come out. Have a great day, and
happy knitting and crochet. Bye, everyone. Thanks for joining us today, where we help you
stitch your love and love your stitches. See you again soon.

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