Ako spojiť priadzu – 2 spôsoby/How to join the yarn – 2 ways (english subtitles)

Hello! Welcome to another video from my creative
workshop Le Crochet Monique! In today’s video we’re not gonna crochet, but we’ll learn two ways how
to join the yarn together – because it’s very important! Most of the time we join yard
the classic way – simply tying the knot. Then we have such ends, which we need to sew in. If we cut them off very close to the knot, it could loose itself after some time and therefore corrupt our whole work, which we don’t want. Well, today we’re gonna learn
two ways to join the yarn, so we don’t need to sew ends in. The first way to do it: I’ve got a yarn of two colours here, (pink and purple) so it would be better visible
how I’m gonna join them. I’ll pick up this rose end and wrap it around the violet yarn twice. Once, twice… now I’m firmly hold both ends and again, with rose yarn I’m gonna make a simple knot
around the violet one. We should get something like this. Now I’m getting the end and pull them. And voilez!
The yarn is joined together. Now what’s left is to cut
the loose ends off, even if close to the knot. And done! When pulling ends apart,
the knot will hold, on thin yarns and on chunky yarns as well. The problem with the thin yarns
is that the yarn itself can rupture, but the knot will hold. And, of course, will hold also
on bags or market bags. This is the first way
how I join yarns together. The second way: Of course, I’ve got two yarns
of different colour again, so it’s better visible
how I’m gonna join them together. I’ll take this rose end and make a simple knot on the violet yarn. Now I’ll take this violet end and I’ll make a simple knot
on this rose yarn. We’ll get something like that. Now I’ll take those two ends and pull hard. Hey, we’ve got a knot! Again, we can cut the ends off
as close to it as possible and the knot will still hold. This is the second way
I use to join yarns together. I use both ways,
depending on the yarn. Some yarns are are glittery or
shine and therefore you need to check which one would be more suitable – but that’s up to you. I believe you’re gonna find
the most suitable way for you to make your creative work easier! If you like the video,
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