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hi guys this is Shannon at life with the
tribe I just want to start out by saying public speaker I am NOT it so I
apologize ahead of time for that because I know it’s probably super annoying so I
appreciate your overlooking that in this video so I’ve been kind of thinking
since my last video what what could I do next not really sure what people are
interested in or what I have to offer I feel like I’m just a really boring
ordinary gal and not really sure what I have to share so here we go so today I’m
just gonna share a little bit about our plans for handicrafts this year we
followed Charlotte Mason method style principles whether you want to call it
in our home school and so in the afternoons my goal is for us to have
some focused time on afternoon occupations different different things
some drawings I’m sketching reading of course nature study and I just have
informal there but also handicrafts my older girls are really great about
handicrafts that various ones about Irwin’s knit and sew and cross stitch
but my younger ones haven’t really found a handicraft band
they haven’t dabbled a whole lot in various crafts to see which one they
really like in stone my goal this year is to kind of offer up a couple of
different handicrafts for us to kind of learn together and participate in and
see if by chance you know one resonates more with different children and that’s
kind of where they want to put their focus I do have to be careful because I
do have a few kiddos running around a house and so supplies can quickly add up
and just make it not budget-friendly for things to happen so when I go shopping I
try very hard to check out the clearance areas of the store if I go to Joey’s or
Michaels I always have a coupon for those places
um and things like that and so I try to keep it very budget friendly so so like
that doesn’t limit me stuff you know I don’t if I just had one or two children
it’d be very different or perhaps if you know we were independently wealthy
that would be what strengths but those scenarios are not true here so we are
doing handicrafts I try to be as frugal as possible when it comes to getting
supplies while still allowing my children to to try different things and
I will say that my daughter who is nine who gave her a jewelry a very simple joy
making kid last year for Christmas and she loved it
so I’m currently on the lookout and researching just the basic supplies that
she needs because she really enjoyed making earrings and so I know I want to
invest in some more jewelry making stuff for her so just kind of researching just
the basic supplies that she needs and then I’ll start using my coupons and
– I put together a kit for her probably her birthday or Christmas so anyway so
without for the July I’m gonna pause this video and I’m gonna step over to
the clean section of my bed to show you what our handicrafts are for the next
several weeks I don’t know how long the supplies will last because again I’m
gonna have several children using them so perhaps for the second term will be
more focused and just focus on one hand crafts maybe mostly and I do Potsie my
my lovely messy shop right here messy chef messy chef this is my daughter huh
I won’t name her name but she didn’t put her stuff up neatly on her she’ll just
eat it this shelf right here is always neat
because that’s my 17 year old shelf you don’t mess with her she’ll because she
can’t anyway so we’re gonna cut over to Keaney across I’m going to show you some
things that’s picked up on clearance or on sale and you can kind of see what
we’re planning to dabble in in our afternoons or the coming term which is
technically already started but does any add a little smoothie for you cuz turn
one more smoothly for me I’ll be right back
okay so now for the actual handicrafts that we’re gonna do and I have this
basic plastic weaving loom with a little knit cotton families we’ve had one in
the past that got broken and I decided to replace it because I like the pot
holders you can make with this they’re my favorites to use in the kitchen and
it’s kind of simple and the children enjoy it so easy just easy little crafts
for them to work on so I picked up one of those I have these school knitters
you have this and then has a little hook that comes with it I
think these are normally like seven something and I got these on clearance
for a dollar at Walmart and at a dollar I couldn’t pass it up and I got two in
hindsight I wish I had grabbed a couple more just in case this gets broken or
lost or the kids really love it I don’t know I know this would be really
good for my younger ones in case they get a little frustrated with trying to
knit or something this is just a good kind of backup to have and it’s also
great for if you don’t want to knit eye cords hoping this can kind of replace
having to knit those I also picked up these knitting needles they were
seventy-five cents a payer which i think is a great deal and I got sizes from
seven all the way up to 11 I think I looked and grabbed whether they didn’t
have a whole lot on clearance this is at Walmart this a couple months ago so they
were saying if I send a pair they’re not super long which is nice
I think handling the long knitting needles is very hard for younger ones
and we I like using cables my girls have tried my younger ones have tried the
cable needles and they don’t like them they prefer the straight needles and so
this was great to pick these up for 75 cents a pair now if I can just keep my
younger boys from using them as weapons we’re good so that’s her knitting there
then I really want to do embroidery I know how to cross stitch but other than
the cross stitch I’ve never done any embroidery so I picked up three hoops at
Walmart I need to get a couple more but they’re always out and I grabbed the
wooden ones because they’re inexpensive and so I grabbed those and then I just
grabbed a pack of needles this pack of yarn was cheaper than buying it
individual colors I think it’s like three dollars for all this embroidery
floss and then I just picked up this kind of gray fabric which I’m hoping
will work well it’ll show up the brightness of the colors I think and
just kind of that neutral background so no matter whether they want to do a
rainbow or a flower or a house or a dog or whatever it’s just a nice neutral
background and it was $1 a yard at Walmart so the price was right this is
just for our first project of embroidery I do have I mean some days my brain I do
have a chance for pencils I bought transfer pencils so they could actually
draw a picture and then we could iron it onto the fabric so that that could be
their pattern to follow but that means I actually have to remember to buy tracing
paper and do I ever remember that no so anyway so that’s it
weaving loom knitting needles and trust me we have plenty of yarn and then the
embroidery and then I also got on clearance at Walmart
these bracelet kits shoelace bracelets these are kind of like the thinner
shoelaces you kind of braid and add in your stuff and it’s got seven shoelaces
so we can make seven bracelets and then this one has the wider shoelaces where
you just do one string of beads and I believe there is seven here so we can
make 14 bracelets these or like on clearance for two dollars each which I
thought could so you get shoelaces and the beads and everything that that was
really good so my girls are a younger girls are I have plans for who they’re
making bracelets for and stuff and couldn’t really beat that price I don’t
know how much they were originally but at $2 I snatched them up and it wasn’t
well they had one more box but it was just kind of freaky looking stuff and I
was like man we just get these so we have those as well and then this is not
handicrafts but I think they’ll be really nice for the afternoons like if
I’m reading aloud and it’s rainy or something and we just need to work on
something together I went to the Dollar Tree a few weeks ago and the Dollar Tree
had these puzzles for $0.50 a piece there 500 piece puzzles really cute
there Norman Rockwell so you’ve got really nice little family pictures and
so I grabbed the four different ones that they had we do enjoy puzzles and I
actually do have the puzzle mat so we can roll them up if we don’t finish but
I thought that would be good for when we’re just not in the mood to do
handicrafts and I’m reading and hands need to be kept busy and so about 50
Cent’s piece I couldn’t really pass those up I mean how often are things on
sale at the Dollar Tree like never so so this is what we’re gonna be working on
this term we’re gonna have put together some puzzles we’re gonna make some
bracelets for people or for ourselves we’re gonna do something for a and B is
might end up being gifts for a certain family member which I’m not gonna say
who don’t want to bully surprises we’re gonna be doing some knitting of some
dishcloths we’re gonna work first on the knit
stitch and then move to the purl and then we’re gonna make some pot holders
for me because we keep burning my pot holders and I need some so those are
just some basic little handicrafts that I’m going to be working on
with some of the kids this in the next 12 weeks or so
so as we dabble in these from time to time I try to shoot a little update or a
progress video to to show you kind of what they’re doing and and how it’s
working so thank you guys so much for stopping by and checking in with me I
hope that you enjoyed this video I’d love a thumbs up or two if you do
handicrafts with your children I would love to see what you guys are working on
please share in the comments below and if you were doing handicraft
because I’m always looking for new ideas to incorporate um with the different
children we definitely have various interests and so um it’s always good to
have some options so I hope you guys are having a great day or evening wherever
you may be whenever you may be viewing this and
happy home school in catch you later

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