6 Tips for Organizing Your Yarn Stash

Whether you’re just starting out
or you’ve achieved sable, at some point, every knitter and crocheter
becomes a yarn collector. Stashing yarn can mean
you’re ready for your next project, or you’re accumulating inspiration. But it can also mean piles and piles of yarn. Don’t worry! I’m here to help. Here are six tips to keep your stash organized. The very first thing you should do
to keep your stash in order is to choose a sorting system. There are lots of ways to group your yarn including weight, fiber, and color. You could even sort it by potential projects. It doesn’t matter how you decide
to put your things together, but having skein sorted will make it
much easier to get a particular ball when your stash diving. There’s nothing worse than going into your stash and finding a huge tangle of yarn. before you put leftovers into your stash,
wind it into a ball or cake. This will keep the ends from going rogue and you’ll be spending more time
stitching than untangling knots. Protect your stash! While yarn looks beautiful on display, storing your yarn in containers
can keep it tidy and untangled. Bags can keep projects stored neatly, while plastic containers can keep it clean and dust free. Keeping your yarn dry and sealed can
protect it from water and bugs that want to make a meal out of
your next work-in-progress. Have you ever bought yarn
for a new project because you weren’t sure that
you had the right kind at home? Get in the habit of keeping a record of your stash, so you know what you already have. You can upload photos directly to Ravelry
and keep a virtual stash online. It’s a great way to access information
from your smartphone on-the-go. It’s easy to collect yarn,
but so difficult to part with any of it. Make a point of giving your stash a little
spring cleaning once or twice a year, and pick out any skeins that you can give away. Schools, retirement homes and community centers often accept donations of supplies, so you can rest assured that your yarn will be going to a good home. There’s one simple way to make room for
more yarn. No, it isn’t buying a second house! Make your next project with yarn you already own. It might not be as exciting as a trip to the craft store, but stash diving is a great way to free up
space in your boxes of yarn and you can fill that void with more yarn. It’s easy to stockpile yarn. Take it from me! But there’s no shame in a yarn buying habit, as long as you keep your stash clean,
organized, and up-to-date. How do you keep your yarn tidy? Leave your tips in the comments below!

40 thoughts on “6 Tips for Organizing Your Yarn Stash

  • Large Ziploc bags inside plastic tote boxes. Plan future projects in Rav. And delete those sales emails unless I have a specific project in mind.

  • I keep my yarn in totes and Ziploc bags I just went through and organize my yarn again I picky how my yarn is stashed

  • I use a database called "scan pet" you can use it for free with a once a day ad or you can buy it and it's not expensive. You can set up what fields you want and take a picture of the skein. I have pictures, brand, gauge, length, composition,what tote its in ect. You can set up drop down menus for each field so you can choose say a brand or gauge without having to type it in. Once it's set up it is great. I carry it on my phone so I can search it to see if I have a certain yarn that is on sale ect. I have 9 large totes of yarn from different places. Yes I have projects in mind for most of it. Take your time learn the program and believe me it's worth it. Happy crafting πŸ™‚

  • I cake ALL left over yarn and I keep the label punch a hole in the label (with a hole puncher)and tie it to the end. And I get the giant zip bags from the dollar store so I can see what I have. I also have been a crocheter for a long time so I NEVER buy yarn just to buy it, as much as that hurts, I stick to that! It's hard but you can do it! Willpower! I also keep all my 4 weight yarn separate from my sock yarn. I take my left over yarn and make scrap blankets. I only work on blankets only in the winter. I am going to be breaking my rule a little bit in September because that is my birthday month and I am going to the Lion Brand Outlet for my birthday, my son and husband asked what I wanted and that's what I want, but I do have some patterns picked out for some Lion Brand yarn.

  • I like MS Excel for listing my yarns. Can find all types of yarn by weight, fiber, brand, and of course color.

  • I keep my yarn in covered bins stacked in a large bookcase, floor to ceiling. I have a total of 14 bins which keeps my stash to a manageable size. I sort the yarn by brand, then weight and then color. I cake skein leftovers and put those all in one bin. My rule is once my bins are full I can’t buy anymore yarn. That motivates me to use it or share what I have fallen out of love with.

  • Just make sure to keep your cats away from it. Yarn is one of the most deadly things a cat can swallow. 😿

  • I have special yarn in pillow cases and my other stash I have in large fabric laundry bags that have a zipper on the side for access and a pull top closeure….My understanding of yarn that it is a fiber that needs to breathe so I am afraid to store yarn in ziplock bags.

  • I'm super lucky, as I have a spouse who is a professional brewer, and it's not (only) for the obvious reason. It's also because he often comes back from brewing conference with little 'mix and match 6-pack shopping bags'. Those are like a miniature tote with 6 spaces to store individual bottles of beer he might have sampled during his trip. Those little partitioned totes are perfect to hold a sweater quantity of yarn, so about 6 regular hanks, with one hank per 'sleeve'. It's perfect because I still get to see the yarn, I can pick one hank of the whole bag, depending on what I need, and those partitioned totes, once on their side, stack very well on shelves, so I can fit about 3 totes high on a regular shelf.
    Maybe one day, a cool and trendy yarn company will offer those partitioned totes for yarn (hint, hint).

  • Love your ideas! To organize a project with multiple skeins, my husband bought 2–5ft length pvc pipes (normally used for waste water but is thinner than regular pvc). The store employee cut each pipe into 10-inch sections. We sandpapered around the edges. I put these into a bin or box to hold individual skeins of yarn. The yarn feeds smoothly and it doesn’t tangle!

  • I keep yarn in those vacuum pack bags (by yarn brand/type/color) in large plastic containers… able to store twice as much this way.

  • I just organized my yarn collection, I separated my yarns based on project or stash. For me, stash is any yarn that is left over from a project or any yarn that I only bought one or two skeins of. If my yarn is "project" I store it organized in the Dollar Tree Storage bags per project. That also lets me see how many projects I have just waiting to come alive for hooks or looms. I found so many projects that I have that I fell in love with and now the drive I have to get my WIP's done to get to those projects I have forgotten. Then I have the New and Expensive Yarn that I am getting from my yarn subscriptions. I only have a couple of months worth of those but I don't have a project idea in mind except the sock yarns. I may take some time and organize my yarns on Ravelry, but that is another weekend project.

  • I have a habit of buying yarn before I have a project in mind (I spend a lot of time browsing Ravelry because of this!). Once I find a project to use the yarn for, I take a photo of the yarn next to an image of the pattern and save it on Pinterest. This way, I remember what I want to use the yarn for. Sometimes I change my mind if I find a pattern I like better, but I'm pretty good at sticking with what I choose.

  • I use small stacked transparent plastic bins (19 of them) for the "rainy day" yarns,Β & many beautiful baskets that are on display. And I have a table covered with my currently used yarns so I can enjoy seeing & touching them & be inspired. There are lots of colors of merino wool on the table because I'm continually knitting Fair Isle hats. The living room has become my knitting studio. Next I want to get the diagonal wooden shelves because they look great & the skeins stay neatly shifted to the bottom.

  • How can you tell what kind of yarn you have without a label? I have a ton of yarn given to me and have no idea what kind or weight it is.

  • Oh boy, do I have stash!!! I won't tell you that I have over 20 +, (I lost count) 66 quart bins filled with yarn, YIKES!!! (but I do). I kind of went crazy, don't you think? My latching bins are first by weight, then within that weight, I have a bin of Vanna's choice, another bin of Caron Simply Soft, and another of Bernat Baby Blanket, and so on, and on, and on!!! I am now trying to use the yarn that I have, but never seem to have the yarn, or color that I need for my next project. sigh

  • I used to be a person who would buy & make. So the only stash I would accumulate would be little balls of leftovers. Then, I started buying extra for larger projects, just in case, but often not needing them. Many times, I purchased several skeins of yarn just to realize when I made the swatch, that it wasn't the right one to show off the pattern I had in mind, so they got excused "for now". Then I started entering (and winning several!) giveaways, so without a project in mind, they sat as "ornamental yarns". Then, I got into sock-knitting and bought several hanks on sale so I could make socks for the women in my life (daughter, sisters, nieces), but many have yet to give me their feet measurements, and I will not waste time knitting a pair of socks that may not fit! Then, I started buying from those indy hand-dying businesses because, well because they were the ones to be generous to offer giveaways. Do I need to tell you that I now have 5 large plastic bins full of yarn? LOL!

    I have been thinking, lately, that I really need to sort the bins by weight. So, thank you for these additional tips… and a "kick in the butt" to do it!! πŸ™‚

  • I inherited 3 wonderful old Steamer Trunks…the kind with drawers! So after cleaning them I put my yarns away in them, wrapped in giant Ziploc bags, organized by type of yarn (Alpaca, Merino,etc) and then by color. these are magnificent treasures, and you can find them often in antique stores. Give it a try…they also make wonderful coffee tables!

  • I seem to inherit everyone's "grandma stash". The older stuff I toss – that old acrylic from the 70's just doesn't cut it for me. However, I have A TON of yarn that has no label. I know 100% cotton and 100% acrylic, beyond that, I'm lost. How do I tell what I have if it doesn't have a label?

  • Another idea is to get gallon sandwich bags. Roll it into a ball and tear off the front of the paper that says what it is. This way not only will it not tangle with other yarn, but you can also know what it is. And you can store it in a tote!

  • I personally just put all my yarn in a bag and hope it doesn't get tangled, but I'm trying to get to a point where I have a special cabinet for all my yarn.

  • a spring hair clip is perfect tp secure the yarn end so the ball doesn't unravel. I bought 10 for $1 at Dollar Tree

  • I keep my yarn in 2.5 gallon Ziploc bags with the printed pattern of what it's for. I then keep those in my yarn vault (walk-in closet 😁) on shelves. My non-designated project yarn is kept in plastic containers by weight of yarn and in color. My thread for doilies is in a basket. I found that I don't go buying yarn as much because I hit my Projects bags first. Very productive. 😁

  • I have a stash but only buy yarn for specific projects…..but I do actually make the projects. Once my cupboards where I keep it gets full I do not buy more until I work through a few projects. It works good for me because I can stock up when there are good sales and I can start the next project right after I am done with one. If I accumulate too many odd balls or leftovers that I won’t use I donate it.

  • I go by fiber, then weight and color. I have little fur thieves so I have to make sure none is ever left out, meow meow attack! As all pet parents should bc they can and will eat it and could die.

  • I buy yarn 🧢 for special projects only.
    I try not to over indulge with too much yarn. If I start to run low on yarn, I buy more.
    I love ❀️ yarn 🧢!!

  • This doesn't help me very much. I can't decide which system to use! I've tried by color and by weight, both with specialty yarns separate, and neither has been good enough. πŸ™

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