30 days of Xmas 15 – DAY 3: D.I.Y. Felt ornament – Decorazione natalizia in feltro| Giugizu

>>Hi giugizers and welcome to the third day of my 30 days of Christmas serie One of the most watched videos on my channel is a Christmas one in which I created some d.i.y. ornaments So I couldn’t help filming a similar video with a slightly different project. I will in fact show you how to make this D.I.Y. tree shaped felt ornament If you like the idea keep watching the video and here is what you’ll need for this project! A brown felt sheet, a cream felt sheet, a white felt sheet, a grey felt sheet, the template with the cutting masks that you can download for free on my blog, some hot glue, scissors, a needle and some thread. Let’s start by cutting out the squares from the template that you can download on my blog the link is in the infobox below. Now that we cut all the squares let’s use them as cutting masks As you can see I printed a number on each of them that shows how many we’ll need for each size. Let’s start with the smaller one and let’s cut 4 squares out of the grey felt. Then let’s cut 2 out of the cream felt and 2 out of the white felt. Let’s do the same on all the other squares making sure we have 2 of each felt color.
Now let’s do the same with all the other squares, Et voilà, done! Perfect, now that all the squares are ready let’s cut a thin stripe out of the brown felt, like so. Lovely, we’re now ready to assemble the ornament! Let’s thread the string in the needle and let’s start layering the squares, alternating the 3 different colors. Let’s start with the bigger ones and let’s move to the smaller ones. Let’s use the thread to keep all the layers together, like so. Once we’ll reach the end let’s make sure we leave 2 tiny grey squares behind as we’ll need them later. Ok, now let’s create a hook to hang the ornament, like so and let’s secure the thread by hot glueing the 2 grey squares on both sides, like so. Now let’s apply some hot glue on the brown felt stripe and let’s roll it around. As last steps let’s hot glue the roll at the bottom of the ornament to create the log. Let’s organize the felt layers as we like and that’s all, the ornament is ready! Et voilà the project is over You can use the felt in different colors such as three shades of green or 3 shades of red and create many different ornaments to make your tree unique and special. As usual I hope you liked this project , if so please give it a thumbs up, share it, favourite it and invite your friends over to watch the serie because I have plenty of projects to share and if course I invite you to subscribe to my channel in order not to miss any of these projects. That’s it for today, I send you a huge kiss and make sure to come back tomorrow for the 4th video of the serie 30 days of Christmas, ciao!

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