3. Crochet Pattern – Double Crochet Stitch

In this video, we are going to see how to make a double crochet pattern In this small piece, the yellow color thread is used to make the double crochet pattern I have crochet four lines over here Let us see how to crochet double stitch and jump on to new rows I have taken a thread of any color To start off with making a slip knot and do some basic chain stitches In this sample, I am making 10 chain stitches One two three four five six seven eight nine ten In Single crochet, to start off from chain to new row, we leave behind 1 stitch In half double crochet, we leave behind 2 stitches. In double crochet leave behind 3 stitches For double crochet, yarn over once and leave behind 3 stitches and start from the 4th stitch Take off the first two loops in the hook and then the next two If you see here, the 3 stitches left behind will make the first stitch in the new row The new double crochet stitch will be the second stitch I will repeat till the end of the row 3rd stitch. Let me count the number of stitches as well If you want to learn how to make a double crochet, I have uploaded a separate video whose link is shared in the screen 4th stitch……………….. 5th………………6th…………………..7th…. This is your last stitch…. 8th.. This is your first row When we started, we made 10 chain stitches, but only 8 stitches gets carried over To have all the rows to be consistent with 10 stitches, make two additional chain stitches To get 10 stitches consistently, start with 12 chain stitches Since we leave behind 3 stitches, in the beginning, it gets lost To have consistent numbers, add two additional stitches in the beginning chain row To start with the new row, I am turning my work For single crochet, we make 1 chain stitch, for double crochet make 3 chain stitches This 3 chains, in the beginning, will be your first stitch in the new row I will start from the first stitch. Previously chain row was the base for our new row In this row, the one which resembles hair plait will be the base for our next row For double crochet, yarn over insert into the first stitch where the gap is seen you can see that the ‘V’ thread should be above your hook, yarn out and make a double crochet The second stitch is complete. Insert into this gap over here, make sure that the V of the thread is above the hook and make a double crochet 3rd stitch… I will repeat till the end…. 4th..5th…………………………..6th…… 7th… ………………….. this is the last stitch In the previous row, first stitch was three chain stitches. Do the last stitch in this row on the first chain stitch Going to insert in the first chain stitch and making a double crochet We have completed two rows so far To start with the 3rd row, turn your work, make three chain stitches and start from the first stitch Insert into the gap in the first stitch, make sure V is above the hook and make a double crochet. This is how we have to make a continuous double crochet pattern

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